Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FREE P&G sampler, head and shoulders new pantene

P&G sampler

GREAT site for a box of freebies. This is one to be SURE to sign up for. It is last chance call for this quarters freebies. GO NOW!

Head and shoulders

both free

good coupons for bounty and tide etc

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$1 off Trident SINGLE packs

Buy 2 get $1 off, use on a double day and makes almost free!

Juicy Juice coupon and other Valuable ones!

Print $1 of Juicy Juice
$1.25 of Nesquick
$1 off chocolate chips

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Rare Hefty Coupon!!

LIKE Hefty Trash Bags and get $1 coupon!!
You can print 2 of them

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FREE All Bran Sample SIGN UP FOR kellogs

KPass here! You get GREAT freebies, just like a few of the other sites/things I have recomended, this one is always good and legit!

If you are already signed up you will just be routed to get the FREE stuff!

Free Pantene Sample

New Pantene, scroll to the bottom to get your sample

Free Pain Relief sample

Free pain relief sample, 3 applications

ALL YOU reality checkers

Another GREAT reuptable way to get freebies! It is like BZZZ you sign up, fill out surveys and they offer you free stuff! You have to hop on right away to get the free stuff, but it is full sized samples and such!

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Free Sample Purina one Dog or Cat food

Free Dog or Cat food

If you are like me with hungry pets, every cent in animal food will help!

Dove Daily Moisturizer

Free Dove Daily Moisturizer Shampoo
New link...

Again these are always great for travel!

FREE DaVinci Pasta

DaVinci Pasta

Every new fan will be rewarded with a FREE package of DaVinci Pasta and complimentary recipe cards.

”like” them on facebook then send an e-mail to with your shipping address, year of birth, and Facebook ID

2 Free samples of BBQ sauce

Bullseye BBQ sauce sample

I can't seem to find this in our area however, so I have a free coupon I need to trade out for someone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FREE KC Masterpiece BBq sauce

if you use this 1/1 printable at walmart you can get free BBQ sauce!!

Pain relief patch

Salonpas pain relief patch

free sample

MORE free aveno haircare

ANOTHER new sample of Aveno haircare

I LOVE this stuff, even though it is the packets, I will take every sample I can get!

1/1 skinny cow!

SKinny cow 1$/1

this could make for some cheap or free icecream!!

Rain Rain go away

Come again some other day!!

I am not sure if the worse storm is outside or here in the house.

A 3 year old + a 5 year old - sleep last night + getting up early = A LONG DAY for mommy!!

I want to do fun things with them. I told them if they take their naps good and stay in bed I will bake with them. This is something I would really like to do with them. But alas it isn't going to happen today. They got up. The reason. "I can't yawn."

Ok now that is pushing it. I have heard every medical reason, every biological reason, every toy reason, every monster reason...but I can't yawn, that is a new one!

WHAT on earth do you answer to that? Like the tired mommy I am; there was no sweet answer. There was a loud, "I'm coming up there and we are NOT baking today!"

To hear their little cries breaks my heart, into a million pieces in fact. But what am I supposed to do? If I constantly give in and let them do promised activity A. Then I will never get the result I want. Which is a respectful, sweet, well behaved child. They will always think they can get their way, and that is not the way to parent.

My would be could be nap is now a distant dream....

So alas, I guess instead of thinking of the fun we won't have today, I will think of the fun we can have tomorrow, while daddy is away. And I will focus on the real dream that the CLEAN kitchen will be staying that way for at least one day!

Free Almonds snack tin

If you like a healthy snack on the go Almonds is one...
This tin comes and it doesn't have almonds in it, but is great for on the go....

FREE organo coffee

Organo Coffee Sample

Its funny, I never used to be interested in coffee samples, now that Brandon loves coffee these sure help!

KIDS price at six Flags!

Six Flags One-Day Eveyone pays Kid's Price!
Promo Code: SFKID - Papa John's One Day EVERYONE Pays Kid Price! HURRY! This code expires 8/15/10
Go to to get in on this offer - enter the promotion code in the upper right corner of the landing page, then pick your favorite park! These are PRINT-...AND-GO tickets, no waiting at the gate to buy! Limited time offer!

FREE Ihop meal

FREE pancakes

when you sign up and like their FB page! They send you a freebie on your birthday and anniversary. I do use my REAL email for this one, they don't spam, and since it comes on your birhtday.

Plus you can sign hubby and kids up too!


Get a bounty paper towel sample

If your house is like mine, you will NEVER ever have too many papertowels!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free Starbucks instant coffee sample

Free Starbucks instant coffee Sample

Free Simple Green

Simple Green is offering a free bottle of simple green concentrate and a dilution bottle!!!!

To get your free kit enter your email address, they will send you a secret code immediately. Enter the code and complete the questionnaire (takes about 3 minutes).

At the end you can pick regular or lemon scent. After you fill everything out, they will send you an email with additional info request like mailing address in a few days!

Free Magazine, womans day

FREE womans day subscription!

These magazines DO come, I have gotten free subscriptions before!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

1/1 Lean cuisine

This is a HOT coupon!!! a DOLLAR off ONE meal!! Hurry this will go FAST

1/1 Lean Cusine Meal

Free glue sample

Free sample of Loctite 4204 glue

With the way things break in my house i can always use more superglue!

Free Moist Sure

Moist Sure

soothing hand wipes

FREE sample purina cat or dog food

You can choose one

Cat food or dog food

this is a walmart sample so you are sure to get it!

Free Cottonell Samples

Both moist wipes and the tp.

THis is a walmart sample so you are SURE to get it!