Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love affirmation seriec ~ Affirmation Door

Love Affirmation Mini Series

So as we chatted about the other day, you don't need a major holiday to show your family you love them.  I know I know you are thinking you're the CEO of your house, you are mom.  That is showing them love daily.

True.  Very very true.  However, I believe very strongly in the book "The Five Love Languages".  If you haven't read it, you can get it here on amazon, for your kindle or this is the hard copy version.  I HIGHLY suggest reading it, if you or your spouse doesn't feel totally "fulfilled".  It is how we each give and receive love differently and sometimes, we give how WE would like to be loved, not necessarily how THEY like to be loved.  There are also love languages of children, and this is what this project is for...

My kiddos are very different, while they have some similarities my middle girl especially loves to be told what is lovable about her.  It is another "words of affirmation".

So in the spirit of carrying on this series, I am going to show you what I did for Valentines day for them.  My Affirmation Door

 I plan on doing it every year, however I also plan on carrying it out in future years, all of February, I mean it IS the shortest month of the year!!  And my girls woke with a bound each morning!

The best part, you don't need any fancy tools, though they are fun.  I did use my Silhouette Cameo for this, but you can just as simply cut your own hearts out.

I would suggest taking one night and cutting out ALL your hearts, so you aren't like me scrambling each night to make em .  It really will save you some time!  But I took a heart for each girl and every night I would write things I love about them on it.  I would title their mane and what day number they were on.

They LOVED hunting for their new heart each morning.  

My oldest asked that I don't throw them away, so at the end of the month, I plan on taking them and putting a hole punch in the top and taking just a small ring, the cheap kind you get at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making section...and putting it through so they have a little book to look at through the year with everything I love about her/them.

Go ahead, try it for just two weeks, and see how it fills your child's love tank up!!

Let me know what you find :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Love affirmation series ~ Love jar

Love Affirmation Mini Series

I am going to kick off a two series of posts that were originally geared toward my family for Valentines day.  But I am a VERY firm believer that you need to show you love ESPECIALLY on the non holidays.  The just because occasions.  You don't need Valentines day to show your love...

I mean think about it.   How often do you wish you got something small.  Just because.  No reason.  Other than you are awesome.  Or your loved one is awesome for giving it to you.

This first one is for the hubby.  You could adapt for buddy is adapting for his wife..really you could even do your kiddos, but I say hubby because a lot of men out there, whether we like to admit it or not aren't necessarily a gifting person.

They like to be affirmed.  They like to hear how awesome they are and what they mean to you.  They work hard for the family and it is in their make-up to want to provide the best for their families.  But for some reasons it is so hard to tell them this on a consistent basis.  Whether it is because we expect what we expect from them, life, marriage, or because it isn't "our love language" it's still a very important aspect of a fulfilled marriage.

This little gift is actually pretty darn simple and very inexpensive.  Find a bag of Hershey kisses...a cute jar, some sticker paper, and a 3/4 " punch and you are done!  Cost me a total of about $6.

Its my "Things I love about you" jar.

He even took it to work.  My hubby is NOT a gifts guy, but he loved this one, because it was useful, he can eat it!, and it wasn't costly, and most of all it hit his pride button  :)

So I have included the sheet I used to punch out for you to download if you want.  Otherwise you can make your own....just make a 3/4" circle and put whatever you want in it.

Print it out on a single sheet of sticker paper.

Use your punch and cut it out and stick to bottom of the kiss.

Present to your love as a gift of honest expression.

If you decide to do this, please please let me know what you did and how it turned out!! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Review ~ Read and Build Books By Lego

So I am back with my reviews, I know I love knowing what I am getting into, so I feel it is an important part of my blog.  Is there a product you want a review on?  I probably have it.   Especially if it is a little girls product! I swear I have every thing for girls known to woman!  So ask away, and I will review it if I have it!!  Or maybe I'll buy it  :)  I seem to always have one girl or another with a want or need. 

I would like to come back every weekend and do this, so let me know if you find it helpful!!?? 

Today I"d love to introduce you to 
 the Read and Build books from Lego

They were pretty new on the market and I was curious because my youngest LOVES books, and she loves creative things.  So she got one for Christmas and one for her birthday a few weeks later.  And let me tell you she LOVES them!!  She constantly wants to play with them, she creates her own things with them but her favorite part is following the book along.  Then after the build and story she plays with them as a toy and the story has sparked her imagination. 

The book actually has incredibly clear pictures showing each step of the way how to add another piece on.  And with each step is a cute little story. 

Even my older girls love it, though I would not recommend it for much older than 5ish.  I will say tho my 5 year old gets a new sense of fun with it as she is learning to read, because instead of just making the toy, she can now read the story on her own as she builds, it gives her a new sense of confidence.

There you have it...
All and all i would say go out and buy every one because they are well worth their money!