Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?

I think I just might have!  Every darn time I wanted to get back to you, something came up, flu, me flu, another kid flu.  Some news about hubby's mom, some news about my dad getting bladder cancer, some horrible cold, and now the baby has a horrible croupy cough.  But I do think we are all on the mend...knock on wood!

Sooooooo Instead of making you wait another darn minute for something fun to DIY I think I will post something I did a while ago.

See with three little princesses it is darn hard to keep track of clothes.  I have two girls so far sharing a room and it is a nightmare picking out an outfit for the next day.  There is no order and no rhyme or reason.

And if you get my dear sweet hubby involved all bets are off.  It is so hard for a poor man in a girls house! 

Soooo I looked and looked but all I could find were closet dividers for sale.  Now who wants to pay for something like that?!?  There had to be an easier less expensive way, and ahh haa alas there was.

DIY Closet Dividers

Cereal boxes (eat lots, you need quite a few)
A bowl and a lid (see picture)
Glue (i used rubber cement, but i recently discovered that spray glue you all are talking about and I think I am in LOOOOVE!)
Pretty scrapbook paper

Lets go!!

You decide how big your want your "oval" to be and choose a lid, lay it down, trace a "half" circle, then take a ruler and make straight lines on both sides, and move it up and "finish off the circle"  Use the smaller lid to make your center "hole" circle, just about as big as the rod the clothing hangs on.  Now open your cereal box all the way up and lay out your bowl and and get started!
You want it to look sort of oval like with the straight edge in the middle (you need to measure your closet rod from the rod to a shelf if you have one to know how big the top can be.

Once you have made your desired amount cut them out and don't forget to cut a slit in them.  Make it on a slant and they will look pieced together when hanging.

The "subjects" I did were:
Fancy Dresses
LS shirts
SS shirts

Then trace your shape onto the scrapbook paper and cut out the same.

Spray your glue on and place the paper on (making sure you put it on the correct side, because if you do the reverse that you traced the "slit" will be on the wrong side.

Write your names on and you are done!  That's it!

And look didn't it make the closet look SOOO much nicer?  I wish I had a before cuz I can tell you it is a HUGE difference.

How do you handle all your kids clothing??

Monday, January 9, 2012

Remember when I said I would get on that?

Ok so I swear, someone was playing a joke on me.  I promised you I would be back last week, however after my sweet baby go sick I should have known better!  The rest of my week/weekend only went downhill from there.

I was super excited to go here:

With the hubby, Friday was our 11 anniversary!  Can you believe it?  I can't, that means I am getting old!!

Anyhow instead of being there, I got to spend the night:

Doesn't she look sweet?  My poor lil girl....
Yep my poor Alia got sick sick sick.  And she didn't wait till we were home.  We ran to the store before I was to get ready to go out and she made it to the bathroom, however she did not make it to the toilet.

There was just one guy on duty and I felt kinda sorry for him, I told him I'd clean it up and he said I didn't have to.  but I just couldn't.  So I cleaned it up.

Then we went home and she got sick several more times.  So instead of eating decadence

 I did several loads of laundry.

And now the part where hubby inserts himself here:

Yep, so when he heard we weren't going off, for some dumb man reason, he shut the "date" off.  I finished putting the kids to bed and was in hopes of eating olive garden at least with him at the table while we talked and shared about our 11 years together.  But when did he do?  Chatted with a buddy texting while watching the 2000 Rose Bowl.  Yep the one he was AT!

Poor guy didn't even notice when I went to bed.  Yep he was in a heap of trouble and he knew it!!  I didn't let him forget all weekend!

However at least he remembered a gift.  He gave me two charms for my bracelet....

Pretty aren't they?  I am so excited for them to be put on so I can finally wear it!

Anyhow my night did not go up from there.  Then at 2sm, my lovely little self decided to get what the others had, and then later that day Lissy Cakes got it too.

So my house was a sick house for the weekend and I got nothing done as planned.

The good news?  It is a NEW week and here we go.  So hopefully I will be with you this week as a normal blogger should be  :)

How was your weekend?

Oh PS I hope to get a pic of the day up portion of my site up too...I would love to put them into a book at the end of the year!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


for baring with me while I get back into writing.  I swear I am, and actually it is something I plan on scheduling time for from now on, but as they always say God laughs when you make plans.  My baby is very sick tonight...so I don't have time to put together the awesome DIY i had for you.  However I will soon.  Pinkie promise!

But to tide you over, princess trouble....

They asked if they could play hair, brush it, sure, get it a little wet, sure, put pony tails in, sure.  When I came to check on them, I discovered not just "play hair" but full blown salon!  And Alyssa was too short to rinse the soap out of Alia's hair....I just busted a gut laughing....

Love my girly girls!