Wednesday, January 4, 2012


for baring with me while I get back into writing.  I swear I am, and actually it is something I plan on scheduling time for from now on, but as they always say God laughs when you make plans.  My baby is very sick I don't have time to put together the awesome DIY i had for you.  However I will soon.  Pinkie promise!

But to tide you over, princess trouble....

They asked if they could play hair, brush it, sure, get it a little wet, sure, put pony tails in, sure.  When I came to check on them, I discovered not just "play hair" but full blown salon!  And Alyssa was too short to rinse the soap out of Alia's hair....I just busted a gut laughing....

Love my girly girls!

1 comment:

  1. They're so cute! Looks like they had a fun time!

    Hopefully your little one is feeling better. My plans usually don't work out how I plan either. :)


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