Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Quick and pretty Carnations ~ From Kleenex!!

I first stumbled upon these amazing flowers over at The Mother Huddle on this post.  She has some really amazing ideas!

A few weeks back Lissy wanted to give these to our neighbor for mothers day, and they couldn't have been more simple to make!!  And They were stunning!!

I have done the tissue paper ones before, so the basics are the same, however they turn out SO much more realistic and pretty!!!

I figured I would share with you since they were easy enough for a 5 and 7 year old to accomplish.

Kleenex Carnation's

Sharpie markers
Dollar store flowers (for the stems)
Duct or gardener's tape
Bobby pins

Getting Started:

First you want to take about three (double ply) tissue and lay on top of one another.  Then start to accordion fold them...

 Once you are done hold together in the middle...

Take your bobby pin and slide it in the middle to hold it all together...


Next you want to tear off the ends of either side.  the more you tear the smaller the flower.  A medium flower is about perfect...
Now is time to take your sharpie and color the ends on both sides...
Make sure to color the tip/ends as well, like such.
All that is left is to open your flowers up, one layer at a time.  Pull up toward your body, and as you add layers they create a carnation "effect"..

And here are your finished flowers...all that is left to do is pop the flower off your dollar store flowers, and tape your carnations on by the bobby pin sticking out

The end result?  A beautiful flower to put in a vase or to give as gifts!  Its that simple!!

So what do you think?  Hey if you try it out let me know how it turned out!  Thanks for reading.  Please come back soon as it is finally officially summer and I will be posting more!! What a concept!1  ;)


  1. That was lovely. I was just wondering if maybe I could use a little cheaper brand of the tissue.

  2. I can remember sitting on my Grandmother's front porch as a kid folding these flowers.My Mother had everyone of the kids folding for days many many times for different baby shower decorations.What I remember was that she then took the hundreds and hundreds of folded flowers and attached them to styrofoam in the shape of storks,bells,baby rattle,etc

  3. Yes any tissue works, it was just the name not the brand I used...but if going cheaper make sure it has a few ply...

    And anonymous, wow hundreds!! That would take some patience!! :)

  4. Im a mormon, and for one of uur activities was to adopt a grandma. These flowers were a perfect gift, and she loved them. Thank you so much!!

  5. We made tons of these for sweet sixteen birthday parties for decorations back when they had the colored kleenex tissues..lots of fun and such pretty decorations.

  6. Stunning! Can't wait to make these for mother's day!

  7. Its a great art for my kids birthday - usually we always go for fresh carnation flowers but now we will make making some fine carnation art at home.


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