Monday, October 18, 2010

Glory Seasoning Base sample

Walmart sample for Glory Base Seasoning
This stuff is always great! Base is so much better than bullion cubes!

Free first aid kit

Free First Aid Kit Enter the promo code KIT
Having three little girls I always need baind aids and boo boo stuff!!

Free Wisk Sample from Target

Most of you have probably seen this, but it is a free Sample of Wisk
I love laundry samples, they are great to take with on vacation or to get a scent you may have not gotten once in a while!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


What is peaceful? Seems like a simple answer doesn't it?

I mean when you ask the ordinary woman; and by ordinary I mean someone who has not had children yet, you ask her what synonyms to peaceful shower might be, she may come up with phrases such as: quiet, relaxing, candles, luxury, invigorating, my time, and so on.

Now while those seem like such normal terms for a good hot shower, but go ask a mother of babies, especially several of them.

I have learned a new terminology for peaceful I bet you never knew existed. (or if you are such a mom as I have just described maybe it isn't so new for you!)

I was taking a shower, with three little girls all in the bathroom with me, BUT this my friends was peaceful. You wonder how that can be? Peaceful shower to a mom of babies means, there may be three kids in there with her, but she is getting her shower afterall! And an added bonus of this peaceful shower, the real icing on the cake that can make your day, is the fact that they were entertaining, to the best of their tiny abilities, the super crabby baby. Now that is what you consider peaceful!

After all you are now clean, at least for the temporary minute, and you have yourself locked in a small place in which the children don't want to follow you! Take it and RUN!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I thought I dealt with that

Well it is looking like a done deal. Not that it isn't amazing that God has once again provided the "shelter and provision" for us. He is awesome and always provides. This is no different. It confirms that this truly is hte right decision for us as a family, for now, or forever we dont know, but we do know that this is where He wants us.

So then why does it make it so diffidcult? I swore I dealt with my emotions of moving, with, well the move! I cried in the days leading up to it and cried as we left. I even cried once or twice after we arrived. Suprisingly to me though and I am sure you, if you know me, the total is only a few times, you could count on one hand the times I actually cried tears. So then why today, with the news that we accepted the offer on the house am I crying? Why am I finding motivation hard? Why do I feel such a loss and such pain? I left Green Bay, knowing I have friends back there, but will be making a new life for myself here.

As I sit here and ponder my emotions, i feel comforted by the noise that is coming from outside..two lil girls are giggling HYSTERICALLY! They are playing on their see-saw and having a grand time. It brings a spot of joy to this grieving heart that this is again the right place. They are happy, isn't that all a mother could ask and hope for?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

crest pro health, garnier dandruff

Walmart has some GREAT freebies right now...

Crest Pro Health Gum protection
You need to "take the quiz" (two questions)

Garnier Dandruff

FREE Brethe Right Advanced strip

Always use these, they are great for cold season!

Free Nasal strip


EXTRA National Dessert day. Get your FREE pack of EXTRA Desserts gum!!

What flavor did you choose?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lets get the FREEBIES and DEALS rolling!

What better way to get started back up on letting you in on all sorts of deals and coupons and what not you can get than to encourage you to join BUZZ campaigns!

This is the most recent one I got in the mail, I'll have you know it was the FIRST piece of mail for ME at our new house! (well ok second, I got one beautiful card from a friend)

I am excited about this not only for its "freebie" status, but well, since the packers decided to pack everything wrong and all my stuff is in storage. And it looks as if it is going to stay that way for quite a while. And my poor lil KK is 7 months and doesn't have one page of a baby book done. So THIS is the perfect way for me to get started! I am going to use all the fun items, pictured here (which I got for FREE) and then review them here. Maybe I will even show you a finished page or two.

Now don't you wish you were a BUZZ agent??

If so make sure to say I recommended you! Sign up here...