Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick DIY Newborn closet, or in our case, doll closet...

In my case it was to be an extra closet space for my girls, but after I had finished the project I discovered my children are growing way too fast! Yes their dresses were longer than the shelf itself!

Anyhow I got the bright idea when my cheap old bookshelves didn't make it really in tact from our move to Utah from WI.

So there it sat, in the kids play room holding books, but not looking all that pretty.

Finally I needed more dress space so I decided to spruce it up and make it a closet.

As you can see from this picture, it is one of my first "spray painting" experiences. And I have no patience! I know I know I need to learn some. But it is soooooooooo hard.

After looking inside, I came to the conclusion that 1. I wouldn't have enough spray paint for the whole thing inside and out and 2. I needed another coat, the pink zebra/camo look was cool, on the inside.

So I added another coat on the outside and I found this adorable wrapping paper at the dollar spot in target! LOVE it! I just modge podged it on the back and tada! How cute does that look?

Then I measured how wide it was and went on a hunt for tension rods. They are very cheap, but everyone in the valley must have been doing this same project for weeks :) because I couldn't find the size I needed anywhere.

Now a piece of advice, not all tension rods are created equal, target carries better ones that Wal mart. I did the two inside ones from target and the curtain rod one from walmart, as it was a tad bit smaller and less sturdy.

Plueezzzee don't mind that dirty floor!

After seeing it inside the white was so, well white! I thought of wrapping the rods with the wrapping paper and it turned out fabulous!

Now here is where i was excited to be almost done and added their clothing. Cute here...but then add my 6 year olds and it just was messy looking. NOT a look I was going for.

My mother in law suggested that I use it for doll clothing. So the wheels began turning once again.

I bought another tension rod and added that

If you look closely at the above two thy are not exactly on top of one another, the top one is as far back as the doll hangers could let me go, so the longer dresses can hang down. Then I put one toward the front lower, so you can hang all the little shirts.

It worked out so well, that I added some cute left over dangle beads I used on a purse from Alia. Sewed and hemmed the curtains with some left over material I had, put them on the rod and tied them with some left over ribbon.

HOW CUTE is this!? You should have seen my daughters faces when they came out of the bedroom that morning. They were in LOVE and had a renewed vow to play with their dolls as if they were real, because now they had a real big girl closet too!

For the jeans I went to the dollar store and just got some cute bins I am going to stack on top and put in them. I will add accessories and such to another bin and so on.

I am so pleased with how this turned out. What do you think?

Check out more girly DIY....I posted this project here for:

As always please share if you do this or something like it :)


  1. Cute!! Love the wrapping paper!

  2. Well that turned out to be pretty. I can't imagine the astonishment on the girls faces when they saw this. It's very lovely.

  3. You can get the wrapping paper for 1$ at Target dollar spot.
    Mark, thanks so much!! They love it and it is still going strong!!


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