Saturday, October 15, 2011

A sure way to loose weight by staying out of the fridge...

Beady little eyes. Staring at me. Watching every move I make. Every time I reach for something in the fridge, it keeps me from grabbing something cuz I can't stand eyes watching me.

I called my hubby on it. Told him I didn't like being watched. And even more I won't make him dinner if I am continued to be monitored.

Nooooo you have it all wrong, it is not my hubby watching me. Or anyone he has watching me....

Its these little beady eyes spooking me out...

If you look close you can see them scoping me out!

My nice neighbor knows my hubby loves fresh fish, and so when he went the other day he brought me this bag, not well sealed, just a walmart bag with two big rainbow trout in it...the thing he didn't know. I am creeped out by them. I am not talking just a little folks, I am saying they give me the heebe jeebes!

The funnier part of the story though isn't even me it is my elderly dad who is visiting. Whom I get my hate of dead fish from! He was trying to move some stuff around in the fridge to get some bottles in, and he moved the fish, just a little.

Well they started slipping and sliding out of the bag right toward him, head first. You should ave heard my father yell for my accompaniment. HA! Now I know where I get it from.

Soooo if you ever wanna creep me out, this is one of the MANY ways to do it!

Have a great weekend!

As always leave comments if you read. I love this being a bit of an open forum for chattiness. I mean after all I do have three daughters! :)


  1. Hahaha! That's funny your Dad gets creeped out too. I LOVE rainbow trout. We used to go to Idaho every year and many times we'd go fishing for it, then my grandma would cook it for breakfast. YUM! Though I don't like those eyes looking at me either.

  2. That one is a sure hit, no questions. I think it's cute that men also get scared of fish eyes.


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