Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's the little things you don't notice day to day

That can really overwhelm and warm a mommies heart.

In a typical day you can hear screaming, whining, fighting of any sort. " Alia did this, Alia got that, Alyssa said this to me, you did this for Alyssa." I know they love each other, but could it be soooo hard to just show it outwardly a little more?

Really I am blessed, they are playmates and really do stick up for one another...even if it is against mom giving one a punishment.

But much too often I forget to look deep inside their hearts, to look at more than just the surface of living in the same room with someone else day after day. Of having to play with that same person day after day. and having to be nice to that same person day after day.

Tonight as I was wondering what I was going to write about, it struck me, almost literally. I was picking up yet another piece of paper. They multiply in our house like rabbits! The kids have no clue the amount of their artwork I throw out. (yes don't worry, I keep the good stuff, I am such a packrat!) But tonight as I was flipping through some to toss, I cam across this...

They stopped me dead in my tracks and my heart turned into instant mush!

Doesn't that just kind of say it all? She loves how Lissy likes to snuggle. She likes how she is nice to her. She likes how they are friends forever. In otherwords she adores her little sister! Man I must have done something right!

My heart is warm and fuzzy, so this mommy is going to bed, realizing the important things in life. And this is one of them!


  1. A beautiful post! My girls especially waver between mortal enemies and best friends. I need to cherish those times when the do get along more!

  2. Awe thanks! I know, makes you ponder their upcoming teen years lol :)

  3. That was just too cute. It's really overwhelming when we realize that our kids who seemed to fight like cats and dogs actually adores each other. I can both girls are very sweet.

  4. Awe you are so sweet, thank you for reading my blog!!


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