Monday, October 10, 2011

The epitomay of fall/Halloween?! Candy Corn DIY Wreath

At least a few kernels a year. I can't stand em after those few, but ahhhh to savor the first few tastes of fall!

The rest, this year, I followed the idea of one of my favorite bloggers. Thrifty Decor Chick. She had this really neat candy corn themed post, and I fell in love right away.

I went off to the store to purchase what I needed and a few add-on's and I must say. I LOOOOVE the way it turned out!! I mean I have showed anyone who will look a picture of my wreath. Even my hubby said it looked great!

So here goes:

You will need:

A wreath
Candy corn (about one bag for front and middle, two for back too)
Hot glue
Crepe Paper (I would suggest yellow or orange, though I had black)

That's it! Yep it is THAT easy and THAT cheap!!

So first you want to take your wreath and just wrap the crepe paper all the way around. I used black, but in the end decided that a dark orange might have been easier because it would show less. (she got her wreath at the dollar store, I got mine at hobby lobby because I wanted it to be more "round")

Once you have it secured on (I did double side tape at the beginning and end) You are ready to start!

Get your corn and glue out and ready to go. Pick a good movie and have at er! I glued a ring and then another ring and kept going about the third row I started to alter them a little so a corn would overlap a tip and end of the one underneath. (does that make sense?)

I decided since this was going to sit on a door it didn't need a back so I finished off the outer edges and inside and left the back black. Ok so partly because the baby was crying and I needed to go get her and i was soooo excited to finish this project!

Once you have it looking like this, you night want to fill in the "black" space bits like I did. To do this all I did was add a second layer candycorn in just those places that needed it. Not the whole wreath.

I did not shellac it. I wasn't' sure if the corn would hold up. Anyone know the answer??? (it would probably keep better for next year if I did)

Anyhow, some embellishments I got were a pumpkin and a few fall leaves. I think they really add to this wreath. I just glued a few leaves on first and then had to CAKE on the glue for the pumpkin. Make SURE you know where you want it or else it can get a bit hairy. Yes that does mean I had to pull it off, pull all the glue off and redo a few candy corn. Yes folks a few seconds of thought saves many many of our precious minutes!

To finish i off I bought some cutesy Halloween ribbon and tied it at the perfect length finishing it off with a cute little bow at the top.

That is all. You are done and you have a new $4 ish decoration! I recently went to hobby lobby on a sale and you can not get decor that cheap anymore!

So needless to say, I am super excited!

Please if you decide to go ahead with this let me know how it turned out. Can you post a picture? (I;m not sure if you can, I am not that "blog smart" yet)


  1. That turned out super cute! Though I can't make it. Candy corns are a huge weakness. I'd probably eat them right off the wreath if I was having a weak moment. :)

  2. You crack me up! Yeah I ate about half the bag while making it! My kids asked if they could pick it off, as did hubby LMBO....maybe that is another inspiraton, somehow one you can eat! haha


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