Monday, October 3, 2011

This is the life

Ok Ok I was feeling so guilty I crawled out of bed to finally do this post.

Life as normal has taken me on crazy so I never seem to find the time to write. I think I need to schedule it, as in write it down in INK and highlight it! We'll see if that helps. I know there aren't many, but I so appreciate the few of you who stick with me! Really you are fabulous!

Sooooo remember a little over a week ago when I showed my way of relaxation? The instacare? Well this week I actually did get it!

The reason we moved out here to Utah was so hubby could take a new job with a company that really wanted him. We are so blessed because I have never ever heard anything but wonderful things about the company any time I mention them.

And I truly believe it. They had their annual planning meeting and the wives came with.

I know you are going to feel sorry for me. I mean all day while he was in meetings and what not, I was left alone. To my own devices to try to figure out what the heck to do with my time. This really is a predicament when you don't have little ones to yell, i mean talk with. Or diapers to change. Or homework to do. Or school. Or housework. Or laundry. You get the point. It was a hard situation to be left in.

Did I mention it was at the Waldorf in Park City It was a hard life.

I had to subject myself to getting my nails done.

Which by the way I think look absolutely fabulous!

And then I had to take this torturous looking shower.

Yes that is a TV in the bathroom. And you could see it from the shower. Now normally you would get a huge eye roll from me because this would be my husbands dream bathroom, however it was pretty neat. I took the longest shower I have taken in years! Plus they supply everything, the lofa, the shower gel, the shampoo and conditioner, the bath salts, the mouth wash and the list goes on.

The best part, ok wait, be prepared to call me cheesy, I know you will! The best part is, when you check in, they ask you if you would like some bottled water, and if so how many. So I took two to start, and then had hubby bring me another one, and upon leaving had them give me two more. For some odd reason, if I drink water out of a pretty bottle, it just tastes better. See isn't it pretty?

Speaking of pretty. These was so dang cool, I wanted a whole collection. God bless my husband. After 10 years of marriage he doesn't even hesitate a second when we are at a place like this, he brings me a handful of them (I see a neat DIY craft in the future with these!)

But back to the hubby. He is awesome. He doesn't bat an eye when I want him to go and get another set of bath stuff from the maid. He is so sweet, he just does it naturally. Gosh I love him!

We went out to dinner at Ruth Chris's and got to order whatever we wanted. Sorry no picture here, I was afraid I might embarrass him just a bit too much. I had the most wonderful melt in your mouth fillet and then a lava cake to follow. YUM!

But really, the way this company not only treats their employees but their employees families is amazing. They are a wonderful bunch of people and we enjoyed every second we spent with them.

Then it was off to this amazing room to actually feel like we had our own get away.

All in all, it was a short but totally pampered and amazing night away.
Thanks to my hubbys new job!


  1. That sounds and looks wonderful!

  2. You have me curious where your husband works. What a fun time, though that water looks too pretty to drink. Glad you finally got some real relaxation. :)

  3. haha that is why i got several bottles, so i can look at one! haha i know i'm weird!
    CR England in West Valley


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