Monday, October 31, 2011

The worst Halloween fright!

He was trying to be sweet.  He really was, but it didn't end up that way!  See I have this weird control thing.  I don't like when things are done for me, that I  can't control that is.  

Case and point.  Today, I was SO looking forward to my slow morning routine.  Drop kids off at school, come home, have my cup of caffeine alone with my IPad and my favorite APP Early Edition.  It pulls all my beloved blogs into one and I can read them like a newspaper.  I LOVE IT.

The only problem with this was when I opened my Ipad it was EMPTY!!
Yep that sweet little update had erased everything as I knew it! 

Talk about the morning fluster...

THIS is how I had to go about my morning!  Forced technology break....

.I had to revert to GASP a normal old fashioned morning of my magazine and up of coco!  The horrors!'
Happy Halloween!

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