Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kujo, aka, Killer, aka Bucky, aka, the D O G

Yep as most of you know, we have put off, made excuses, and bought time up the wazoo when it comes to getting a dog.

However my 4 year old has been in LOVE, I mean LOOVE with the mangy little things since she could bark, er um, talk.

Every where we drive, "LOOOK MOM a dog!"  (at times i admit to silently going DUH, yes it's a dog) 

And then there is the playing she IS A DOG.  Interesting to see your little girl, crawling around with a leash trying to be a dog, even eating out of a bowl like a dog.

And the most recent development, she has her little sister being a dog.  it is like they hypnotized her, whenever they say "dog".  She gets down and starts crawling, saying "arrrf arrrrf:

I had dogs growing up, hubby did not.  I loved them when i WASN'T mom, wasn't the one to take care of them.  Since that moment has passed, I was less than thrilled about getting a "D O G"

My hubby even less so.  We had a laundry list of what a dog we got needed to be/have.  Quiet, not yippy, not shed, not drool, not need walks all the time, be good alone at times, not jump on your or knock you over, etc etc.

Well, one day, these three little princesses all had him cornered asking for that D O G.  The laundry list of excuses had been met, and they were pleading their case that it was in fact time to get a dog.

If there is one thing that can bring a sane man to his knees, it is the pleading eyes of three little girls.  All who have wrapped themselves tightly around his fingers.

So, we go, to check it out..."we;re not buying any tho" he says.

And we leave, (with mans best friend) with the intention of two days later, he convinces me we need this dog.

So here he is, as if he has always been a part of the family.  Hubby fell in love with him right away, however has lovingly dubbed him Kujo, because he is so protective of the girls already.

He goes to sleep on their beds, and if we make a noise, one as quiet as a mouse, he will start barking as if the house was caving in. 

Meet, Killer....I mean "Bucky" (yes the girls named him after Bucky Badger from the WI badgers)

The funniest part?  He actually met all our above qualifications.  He really is a great dog, and a wonderful addition to our family.  Another mouth to feed, yet another adventure to be had, and three little girls BEST firend!  Alyssa can't stop telling everyone she got a D O G.  She loves saying it that way, probably since she has heard it since the beginning of time.


  1. Oh congratulations on your adoption! He is the cutest little dog! I'm, sadly allergic, or we would probably have one. I love dogs--the nice ones.

  2. He is such a cutie. Currently we've kicked our pets out, bc like you were saying, I was just less then thrilled to clean after them all day long. But it's kind of nice that we can see them whenever we want :-)

    PS: thanks for stopping by today and for your sweet comment :-)

  3. Janae, suprisingly I guess poodles are hypoallergenic, they don't have a dog folicle hair, they have one that doesn't cause allergies....hehehe :) Thanks for reading :)
    Tatiana, no problem! I thought your blog was fun, browsing through, I love reading other moms who are in the same place as me :) Yes when we got him my girls said we are going to have a farm, with our three cats, one dog, and their two HOPEFUL replaced fish (hasn't happened yet!)

  4. Lol. Loved reading your post Colleen. I could totally hear your voice in my head as I read it, as well as Alyssa saying DOG! Glad you guys found one.

  5. Awe thanks for reading! Yes I can't picture life w out him now!


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