Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Look what I did

Ok so I don't have a ton of in between pictures, because I am half stealing this idea from my MOPS group.  She cam up with the general idea, and I just "embellished" on that.  Hehe, with embellishments...ya get it?  Ok it's late.sorry  :)

Anyhow if you are anything like me, you have a budding artist, or three occupying your home, which has in turn become an array of art shows.  Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming....and this is the perfect solution.  A board where you can rotate pictures in and out as much as you want.

So to start you take a board, any size really but long enough you can space clips out for pictures.

Make sure you have a spot drilled or what not on the back for screws so you can hang it

Then you are ready to start.  Just sand it a bit..and then use acrylic paint, which dries very fast, in any color you choose.  When it is dry, say about 20 minutes if you put it on thin, take a piece of sand paper and distress it a bit.

I only did around the edges because if I tried on the face of the wood it didn't look so hot..

Next I decided (and this is where I veered from my "craft") it wasn't enough to just paint it.  I found a piece of scrapbook paper I liked and modge podged it onto the board.  I then found matching embellishments and "fufued" it away  :)

Lastly take three clothes pins and pretty those up.  I used scrapbook paper and sparkles for mine.

Once they are all made up, hot glue them out.  But be sure to leave enough space for your pictures to hang.

And worlaa!  You are done and your kiddos have their own gallery!  Pretty cute hu?

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  1. I love it! We have some tack boards in the hall where I pin stuff up, but it is a mess. Papers are pinned everywhere and it's not as cute as your craft.


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