Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Match

Ok so I have now backed myself into a corner.

On this side of the ring Mommy ~ a woman who wants to give her little girls everything they ever ask for, but knows that isn't possible while still desiring to raise well rounded girls.

And on the other side of the ring, Alyssa, aka Lissy Cakes ~ a Strong Willed, Stubborn, Opinionated little girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show her every emotion to get it.

The match? A picture. A picture of Alia, Alyssa, and Alia's best friend Claire. This picture is the object of Alyssa's affection. And it isn't even her friend! See Alyssa wants Claire all for herself, she isn't dealing too well with the fact that Alia has a best friend and she doesn't.

One day when Claire was here I got a picture of all three of them and she begged me to print it out for her.

The object of the match

So yesterday I finally gave in and printed one for her, only to have her wake last night screaming because she decided to chew on the picture, which resulted in Alia and Claire's shirts getting a little run together.

This is dramatic stuff, you would think that I took every doggy toy she has away. I mean, according to her, this picture is ruined, it "isn't pretty anymore" and just "isn't good", she MUST have a new one!

Before this turned into a match of the wills, I had said no I wasn't going to print another one and that this one was just fine as you could still see the faces, and really everything else of the picture. She was upset, but it hadn't become of epic proportions yet.

Enter into current time: NOW it is the end of the world and I am not sure what to do? I mean I like to stand my ground when I say something so they know that no amount of whining will get them what they want. However in this case it is such a simple thing, all I have to do is hit 'print' and it will make another one. Problem solved. Yet I have spent the last half hour trying to tell her this one is fine and pretty, so can I really give in now?

The match is on. At the moment Mommy isn't looking too good. She is weak and ready to be done. Thinking there will always be another match to battle out and win right?

Who will win? Who should win?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Facebook Freebie!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is not going to be one of my more interesting time I tell ya, no time for creative writing!

Ok let me as you...WHAT was I thinking???

It is currently almost noon, and well, here I am writing. What am I doing? I should be buzzing around like a bee. I guess I work best under pressure! Or at least that is what I have told myself for the past 32 years.

However at the moment I am really mad at myself. I don't get it, why can't I ever prepare for something, so for once I am prepared.

I have NO CLUE what i'm making for desert. I had an idea, but of course I put it off to the last minute and there is no time to make it and I of course don't have the ingredients.

I am trying to write about how to be organized and stay sane, well how can I do that when I myself don't seem to have a very good handle on it? Very unmotivated and down right now.

Ok i best get going I guess, though I have no clue where I am going to start!


Let me ask you this then....why do we, as women buzz around our house busily cleaning and making it look perfect. Only to have your party and two hours later have it look exactly what it looked like? Why do we put this pressure on ourselves. And why do we want to make everyone think we are super mom/wife? It is an illusion, one that we prefer to live with, but out lives would be so much easier if we accepted reality!


And as usual it all works out. I tell you, my title, "Mama Drama", I think, refers to me more than anyone!
I can be so dramatic at times.

Alia, the poor kid takes right after me! She had her new found best friend over last night. This is her very first "real" friend. You know, the kind that mommy and daddy didn't pick. She picked her first. And let me tell you she has really good taste. This little girl is the sweetest thing I have ever met!

Anyhow they had to leave last night and Alia cried, and I don't mean shed a few tears, she bawled for an hour! It is funny how her little heart works. Mine breaks for her because I know how she feels.

My dear husband though, should get a medal of some sort. He volunteered, ok so he didn't offer, he got roped into it, but he still did it willingly, and there was a draft on! He watched TEN little girls. All 4 and under too! He is pretty amazing when you think of one BOYS boy watching that many little girls. And he did it smoothly like he was made to do it. I am very proud of him.

So after a long day and an even longer evening, all is done, settled, and perfect again.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hussana sample

Free power bar

Free Powerbar sample

I've really never liked these things yet, however I do need some energy lately so I think since it is free, I will give it another shot.

Doggie overload

Tell me, why is it I am sad?

Am I sad because I am enabling my 3 year old's doggie habit and my house is already infested with every kind of toy dog you can imagine? There are barking dogs, baby dogs, vet dogs, dress up dogs, dogs in a purse, doggies that growl, a swimming dog, and even a dog that does head stands. Yep that would be Lucky. Not that they can ever say the commands right and the dumb dog never understands them, but they love him the same.

However there is one dog we don't yet have. A Dalmatian. Alyssa's favorite.

For weeks now she has been telling us that she KNOWS the nuk fairy is going to give her a Dalmatian. Well I guess she is right. The Nuk fairy FINALLY found one to add to her already abundant collection. A Dalmatian that plays tug of war.

So again why am I sad if it isn't the addition of a new pup?

Maybe it is the reason it took me so long to purchase the gift, or that could be the simple fact that I have three little girls, including a newborn and my brain just doesn't function much past, wake up, diapers, feed children, get them where they are going, feed dinner and bedtime routine.

Wanna know a seceret? I think she was ready quite a while ago, it was me, mommy who wasn't so ready.

Some might call me a bad mom, because i let it go so long, some may say how they would never do it, or fixed the habit early.

I say I was smart! I say pick your battles! I also say they are only babies for so long. And long is not the key word here.

Yep, for some odd reason I am sad that the Nuks are now gone. You guessed it. I just snuck into my daughters room and gathered all her most prized possessions, her Nuks, all under her pillow as she anxiously sleeps, awaiting the arrival of her new toy from the Nuk fairy.

I think it is probably because even though she is three, as long as I saw that nuk in her possession, she still looked like a toddler to me, a baby, my baby. Now that she is old enough to be with out them I have to admit not only to her, but to myself that my baby is growing up. And fast!

Monday, April 19, 2010

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the Award goes to.............

Me!! I get the prestigious award that moms only.....dread!

Talk about feeling like a bad mom.

Ever have one of those moments you look at your child and go "OH MY GOD NO other mother would have done this to their child! She is going to be scarred for life now!"?

That is how I felt today as I was changing my little one.

Let me start by setting the scene. Picture bliss, sweet nothings between a mommy and her newborn daughter.

My sweetheart is a chunky monkey, she is my chunky monkey. She was smiling and trying to coo at me as she lay on the floor. I was full of joy as my sweet lil girl communicated with me. Minutes later a smell started wafting through the air and it became evident that this tiny lil girl was in need of a new diaper.

Ever wonder HOW on earth one TINY little baby girl can emit SO MUCH stuff?? So I guess it is time to change the diaper, the onsie, the pants, and the sweatshirt.

I proceed to clean her up and put her in a new adorable outfit. However as she moves her head I see it. I gasp, it looks nasty, it is RAW red and really kinda goopy looking. I am mortified. My poor little chunky monkey has SO many rolls on her neck that I missed cleaning one up, and she had drooled or spit up at some point and it got missed and well, it just sat there festering.

(The not so funny story behind this, the part that should have been a flag to me is that my hubby said a day or so ago, wow she needs to be changed, she smells like spitup or something! I had said no, she is perfectly clean.)

I immediately decided it needed to be cleaned and took a wipe to clean it off and she let out a SCREAM. Yeah right, that probably hurts on an open wound, those sweet baby wipes. Who knew they could cause as much pain as they do cleanliness?

SHOOT I am batting 1000 here. Someone help me out. Ok well I finally got her all cleaned up and salve put on the wound and she is back to her happy kicking smiley slef.

However, i feel that yes today that award, the bad mommy award, goes to me, the mommy who missed cleaning under the rolls.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

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That happens sometimes iwth freebies, some of them aren't legit or real, or they are old and no longer send them. You will never know until you check your mailbox! :)

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Oh how I miss the nesting. I would gladly take that ginormus (as my dear husband would call it) belly back if I could also have that major burst of energy. The kind that puts Martha Stewart to shame.

The day I left for the hospital to have Kaelyn my house was sparkling, looked like Mr. Clean himself had come to my house to tidy up. I was so proud of it. But the amazing thing about children is it will take them less than 2 minutes to undo everything you have done.

And incase you think you might be cleaver and clean only things that matter to you and not so much them, don't be fooled, they will find a way to mess that up too.

My house has not return to its state of cleanlieness since she was born, but not for lack of trying I tell ya!!

So today, the diet coke, my last one, is being broken open and I am putting on my cleaning face and gettin to work. it WILL be done!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Fun Magazine CHEAP

Ok i wasn't going to post this, but I shared it with a friend, and decided I love it so much why not share it with you?

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FREE baby lotion

FREE baby lotion

I know i can always use this stuff right now. The sample sizes are great for when you travel, so you never have to take a full size with you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red White and Blue

You are thinking wow ready for memorial day already? I'm thinking not so much....
Let me explain....

Nothing like settling in at night, dreaming (or is it taunting myself) of the day full of accomplishments you are going to have. Knowing that it has been warm and sunny out, and that springtime air propels you into your chores, knowing that you have a full to do list waiting and feeling like maybe just maybe this time you will get it done.

Fast forward to morning...

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Yep 3 inches of snow cover the ground, and driveway. Blissfully unaware as I rush to get 3 & 4 year olds ready to take the elder to school.

So after the school drop we on our way to shop for some baby shower stuff. A few hours later my not so peanut has decided, not over time, but RIGHT NOW she is starving and is going to tell the whole world about it. Oops, guess I window shopped just a bit too long, best get going.

Out to car in slosh, bags loaded, Alyssa loaded, screaming baby loaded. Car in drive...

As I am trying to convince my little one it will only be a few minutes longer all of a sudden I hear bells, wait, no those aren't bells they are sirens. Ya know the blue and red kind of sirens. Oh please God let it be for a traffic violation, one that isn't mine! Like a good citizen I pull over, but shakily I notice that he too pulls over.

Oh really? NOW? Ok Kaelyn I swear mommy will get you home.

"mommy why is that man talking to you?"
I can't lie, I have to tell her, just as she gets punished for not doing the right thing, so do mommies and daddies.

"Honey we have an important tail light out."

Oh wait, now he is telling me that i was going 5 over, ok, screaming baby must have taken my mind off of it. Hmm this could be bad.

License. Ok it is here somewhere, right? Right? WRONG.

"Ok sorry officer, I live just on the next road can you follow me home for it?"

"sure mam"

Ok getting a little sweaty, nervous. Can I drive? Oh no I can't do 31 it is 30 here! Wait what about that tail light? I have to turn LEFT! What is that signal again?

As I turn into my garage I look and the garage door is open wide, while it is snowing! Great, do I have any braincells left? Apparently not. As I run in the house and look for the missing license. It is NO where to be found, once again it is as Brandon calls it "Colleen lost". Ok sweating a little more now..officer finally comes to the door and tells me to just take care of my baby and he will give me a warning for those two with out my license. What a NICE man!

PHEW, screaming baby in arms now, I pace waiting to nurse her but thankful he isn't going to give me an expensive ticket for my 3 offences.

He comes to the door and proceeds to tell me that as he was running my plates that they came back not registered. (over due) I said that I was sure my dear husband just forgot to put the stickers on. No he informs me, there is no comment of payment. Ok, make that FOUR offences. This man should get a metal, he is so sweet.

Asking my daughter kindly what our kitties name is. He told me to have a nice day and just have the station check out our lights when we have em fixed and pay the registration.

Did I mention later tonight as I was cleaning out my purse the license WAS in there, in a pocket?!

And so the saga continues, my day that is. Nothing like making a fine dinner for your family, healthy and yummy. As I turn from the sink I hear a huge HISSSSS. Yep, the telltale smell, warm honey, sizzling with brown sugar...ON MY BURNERS. That can't be good can it? Ok so there is still glaze left, however most of it is on the burner so that should be a world of fun to clean off.

Then as my mouthwatering ham is done, and the noodles and veggies are in their bowls awaiting their fate, I figure I must get the ham cut by now, so I reach over, grab the knife, forgetting I am left handed I reach for it with my right hand, only to reach with my left hand for the dish the ham is in, with out my oven mitt. OUCH!!!! Cold water Cold water, ahhh there it is, relief. Well at least I didn't cook my fingers, they only had a temporary assault and are now fine.

So as for my day, I think I probably should have just crawled back in bed at the break of dawn and started it over!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go shop Target April 18

Woo Hoo

Who LOVES using those reusable bags? I love em, and almost any store you get .5 off your purchase for each one you use!
Go to target, make a purchase and one could be yours! APRIL 18

Soooo, if you want to see more check this out here. Target Reusable Bag

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Otherwise get $1 off a reusable by turning in your pl astic bags, 5 of them.

See your printed Circular on April 18th for details:

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Mr Thirsty

Good things come to those who wait...

Hmmm or is it those who have patience??

Anyhow today was a good day, busy but good. We went to the dentist where my husband actually took the kids so they could clean my teeth. The girls had their appointments last week, and while Alyssa was terrified, Alia was thrilled, and at the end they were both excited.

So lately they have been playing Mr Thirsty shop. Sounds like a soda shop right? Nope, it is the tool they use at the dentist to suck all the water out of your mouth. The girls thought that was so funny that they now play dentist all the time.

So as I am laying back in my comfy chair, about to take a nap wtih my COOL glasses on, the hygienist asks me how the girls are doing? I told her about their new found game and she smiles saying how cute it is.

Fast forward to appointment making time, she tells me, WAIT, I might have something for you...

She comes back with a Christmas present. Said they have been searching for the "perfect kid(s)" to give this is a Play-doh dentist head/kit. Yep with a working drill! Totally free just for them.

The girls were thrilled and have been playing all afternoon!

Sorry not much drama or humor to lay on you today.

Ok so you all want to kow what I am up to hu?

So here goes, this is the section you can find all the freebies and deals that I find.

I warn you though, that at times there may not be much, really I have such a great stockpile, that I take a vacation from it quite often.
However please feel free to post comments here asking ANY questions you want about couponing and saving....I will answer then all, as I would love to help in any way I can!!!!
So start asking away!

Ok for example you can get a FREE call from a disney character. Even enter your childs name for them to say. I found this from another mom who does freebies.

Go to Disney Movie Rewards Then enter the code. ENCHANTEDCALL
Once you hit submit it will walk you though the rest :)

Not valid in these states ID, WA, GA, KY, MS, NE, TN, and LA (dont ask me why!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hmmm All I can give you today is YUCK

And so the day continues on...

My oldest (4) Alia was having some sort of reflux to the food we ate with lunch. She said, "mom I have throw up in my mouth and I'm not sick". So thinking that my dear daughter would have the logic to know, when I say "well spit it out," she would go back into the bathroom and thus, spit it out.

My poor carpet was not that lucky. Not only has the cat been wreaking havoc on it, now my sweet lil girl said, "ok," and then and there let the dark food plop out of her mouth.

Can you say GROSS!! Some days I wonder why I feel so slimy by the end of the day. Now, yes now, I understand why!

EASY Salsa Chicken

Want a meal that you can make when you forget the time and need dinner NOW, and with NO prep? This would be it. It turned out really moist and yummy. I figured, a friend of mine actually posts pictures on her food blog and it is a great idea, so I will include a pic of mine :)

1 jar salsa
2 or 3 chicken breast

put chicken in a baking dish, pour salsa over and put in oven on 350 for a half hour. Take out put some shredded cheese over and bake for another 5 minutes.

Serve over rice with a side of veggies and a roll and it makes a really healthy dinner and my hubby just loved it! Makes great leftovers as well!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Mythical mom

Its a mythical thing I think, a sick mom. Sick and mom aren't allowed to go in the same sentence together. Really? Didn't you know that? Go look it up, in the dictionary...

HA! April fools! Right? No I am sure most of you who are reading this are familiar with this myth. Except who are you if you are a mom who gets sick? Or should I say what are you?

Today I would say I am a zombie resembling Colleen. But you have to look real hard, past the puffed out hair, past the dirty jammies that never seemed to make it off, past that blob that has to lay on the floor every while, just to regain composure, or whats left of it.

So, you wait, with baited breath for that dear man who blessed you with these adorable children to get home. He arrives, you picture him becoming super dad, wearing a cape and going around picking up the living room, making dinner, keeping the kids in line, and mostly keeping them out of the bathroom while you take a bath for those few 10 minutes.

So I sit down in the bath, it was hot, just what my aching body needed. Not 3 minutes in, I have a piggy braided lil girl smiling at me..."Mommy can i sit here and watch you?"
"No Alia, mommy just needs to rest"
"Ok mommy" and she leaves. Phew!

Nope now I hear the
pitter patter of littler feet. "Mommy can I take a bath with you?"
"No Alyssa, mommy just needs this"
"OK, I gotta go potty mama"
then can you go?"

Alia proceeds to pick up the back washer brush. "Mama I am going to rub your back so you feel better" How can I say no to a sweet lil gesture, even if I was starting to cramp up from laying funny in the tub?

I will admit it was nice, until she poured the water half over my head. AHH.

Soon i hear "DADA I need you to WIPE me!" Yep that means only one thing.................
well at least she didn't ask me!

The headache and all still persists, though I didn't have to make the that does help and, well, at least I got clean right?

Aquaphor ~ diaper rash, dry skin, your lips...

This stuff is the BEST BEST BEST

I wouldn't use anything else!
I was first introduced into it as a part of sever diaper rash treatment. You apply the aquaphor then triple paste, and I SWEAR in an HOUR it was GONE!!! Or if you area new mom and have found out like me that not only those tiny little cute bottoms hurt, try it for yourself.

So anyhow I learned this stuff is GREAT if you have really chapped lips, because it doesn't have any of the addictive stuff added. You will get beautiful lips in days!

Also if you or your child has Eczema it is a great fix for it. Just apply to the scab area, there is no pain and it heals it quickly.

They come in the tubs, small tubes, and even smaller chapstick size tubes. I keep em everywhere!

Pick some up today, you will NOT be sorry!