Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Mythical mom

Its a mythical thing I think, a sick mom. Sick and mom aren't allowed to go in the same sentence together. Really? Didn't you know that? Go look it up, in the dictionary...

HA! April fools! Right? No I am sure most of you who are reading this are familiar with this myth. Except who are you if you are a mom who gets sick? Or should I say what are you?

Today I would say I am a zombie resembling Colleen. But you have to look real hard, past the puffed out hair, past the dirty jammies that never seemed to make it off, past that blob that has to lay on the floor every while, just to regain composure, or whats left of it.

So, you wait, with baited breath for that dear man who blessed you with these adorable children to get home. He arrives, you picture him becoming super dad, wearing a cape and going around picking up the living room, making dinner, keeping the kids in line, and mostly keeping them out of the bathroom while you take a bath for those few 10 minutes.

So I sit down in the bath, it was hot, just what my aching body needed. Not 3 minutes in, I have a piggy braided lil girl smiling at me..."Mommy can i sit here and watch you?"
"No Alia, mommy just needs to rest"
"Ok mommy" and she leaves. Phew!

Nope now I hear the
pitter patter of littler feet. "Mommy can I take a bath with you?"
"No Alyssa, mommy just needs this"
"OK, I gotta go potty mama"
then can you go?"

Alia proceeds to pick up the back washer brush. "Mama I am going to rub your back so you feel better" How can I say no to a sweet lil gesture, even if I was starting to cramp up from laying funny in the tub?

I will admit it was nice, until she poured the water half over my head. AHH.

Soon i hear "DADA I need you to WIPE me!" Yep that means only one thing.................
well at least she didn't ask me!

The headache and all still persists, though I didn't have to make the that does help and, well, at least I got clean right?

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