Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doggie overload

Tell me, why is it I am sad?

Am I sad because I am enabling my 3 year old's doggie habit and my house is already infested with every kind of toy dog you can imagine? There are barking dogs, baby dogs, vet dogs, dress up dogs, dogs in a purse, doggies that growl, a swimming dog, and even a dog that does head stands. Yep that would be Lucky. Not that they can ever say the commands right and the dumb dog never understands them, but they love him the same.

However there is one dog we don't yet have. A Dalmatian. Alyssa's favorite.

For weeks now she has been telling us that she KNOWS the nuk fairy is going to give her a Dalmatian. Well I guess she is right. The Nuk fairy FINALLY found one to add to her already abundant collection. A Dalmatian that plays tug of war.

So again why am I sad if it isn't the addition of a new pup?

Maybe it is the reason it took me so long to purchase the gift, or that could be the simple fact that I have three little girls, including a newborn and my brain just doesn't function much past, wake up, diapers, feed children, get them where they are going, feed dinner and bedtime routine.

Wanna know a seceret? I think she was ready quite a while ago, it was me, mommy who wasn't so ready.

Some might call me a bad mom, because i let it go so long, some may say how they would never do it, or fixed the habit early.

I say I was smart! I say pick your battles! I also say they are only babies for so long. And long is not the key word here.

Yep, for some odd reason I am sad that the Nuks are now gone. You guessed it. I just snuck into my daughters room and gathered all her most prized possessions, her Nuks, all under her pillow as she anxiously sleeps, awaiting the arrival of her new toy from the Nuk fairy.

I think it is probably because even though she is three, as long as I saw that nuk in her possession, she still looked like a toddler to me, a baby, my baby. Now that she is old enough to be with out them I have to admit not only to her, but to myself that my baby is growing up. And fast!

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