Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mr Thirsty

Good things come to those who wait...

Hmmm or is it those who have patience??

Anyhow today was a good day, busy but good. We went to the dentist where my husband actually took the kids so they could clean my teeth. The girls had their appointments last week, and while Alyssa was terrified, Alia was thrilled, and at the end they were both excited.

So lately they have been playing Mr Thirsty shop. Sounds like a soda shop right? Nope, it is the tool they use at the dentist to suck all the water out of your mouth. The girls thought that was so funny that they now play dentist all the time.

So as I am laying back in my comfy chair, about to take a nap wtih my COOL glasses on, the hygienist asks me how the girls are doing? I told her about their new found game and she smiles saying how cute it is.

Fast forward to appointment making time, she tells me, WAIT, I might have something for you...

She comes back with a Christmas present. Said they have been searching for the "perfect kid(s)" to give this is a Play-doh dentist head/kit. Yep with a working drill! Totally free just for them.

The girls were thrilled and have been playing all afternoon!

Sorry not much drama or humor to lay on you today.

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