Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the Award goes to.............

Me!! I get the prestigious award that moms only.....dread!

Talk about feeling like a bad mom.

Ever have one of those moments you look at your child and go "OH MY GOD NO other mother would have done this to their child! She is going to be scarred for life now!"?

That is how I felt today as I was changing my little one.

Let me start by setting the scene. Picture bliss, sweet nothings between a mommy and her newborn daughter.

My sweetheart is a chunky monkey, she is my chunky monkey. She was smiling and trying to coo at me as she lay on the floor. I was full of joy as my sweet lil girl communicated with me. Minutes later a smell started wafting through the air and it became evident that this tiny lil girl was in need of a new diaper.

Ever wonder HOW on earth one TINY little baby girl can emit SO MUCH stuff?? So I guess it is time to change the diaper, the onsie, the pants, and the sweatshirt.

I proceed to clean her up and put her in a new adorable outfit. However as she moves her head I see it. I gasp, it looks nasty, it is RAW red and really kinda goopy looking. I am mortified. My poor little chunky monkey has SO many rolls on her neck that I missed cleaning one up, and she had drooled or spit up at some point and it got missed and well, it just sat there festering.

(The not so funny story behind this, the part that should have been a flag to me is that my hubby said a day or so ago, wow she needs to be changed, she smells like spitup or something! I had said no, she is perfectly clean.)

I immediately decided it needed to be cleaned and took a wipe to clean it off and she let out a SCREAM. Yeah right, that probably hurts on an open wound, those sweet baby wipes. Who knew they could cause as much pain as they do cleanliness?

SHOOT I am batting 1000 here. Someone help me out. Ok well I finally got her all cleaned up and salve put on the wound and she is back to her happy kicking smiley slef.

However, i feel that yes today that award, the bad mommy award, goes to me, the mommy who missed cleaning under the rolls.

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