Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aquaphor ~ diaper rash, dry skin, your lips...

This stuff is the BEST BEST BEST

I wouldn't use anything else!
I was first introduced into it as a part of sever diaper rash treatment. You apply the aquaphor then triple paste, and I SWEAR in an HOUR it was GONE!!! Or if you area new mom and have found out like me that not only those tiny little cute bottoms hurt, try it for yourself.

So anyhow I learned this stuff is GREAT if you have really chapped lips, because it doesn't have any of the addictive stuff added. You will get beautiful lips in days!

Also if you or your child has Eczema it is a great fix for it. Just apply to the scab area, there is no pain and it heals it quickly.

They come in the tubs, small tubes, and even smaller chapstick size tubes. I keep em everywhere!

Pick some up today, you will NOT be sorry!

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