Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh how I miss the nesting. I would gladly take that ginormus (as my dear husband would call it) belly back if I could also have that major burst of energy. The kind that puts Martha Stewart to shame.

The day I left for the hospital to have Kaelyn my house was sparkling, looked like Mr. Clean himself had come to my house to tidy up. I was so proud of it. But the amazing thing about children is it will take them less than 2 minutes to undo everything you have done.

And incase you think you might be cleaver and clean only things that matter to you and not so much them, don't be fooled, they will find a way to mess that up too.

My house has not return to its state of cleanlieness since she was born, but not for lack of trying I tell ya!!

So today, the diet coke, my last one, is being broken open and I am putting on my cleaning face and gettin to work. it WILL be done!

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