Thursday, December 20, 2012

And the mystery continues...4th day of Christmas

Ok so this sweet person has done something that NO ONE has been able to do for quite a long while now. and not for lack of trying.  My poor sweet friend Heather has tried almost weekly, slyly suggesting it here and mentioning it there.  

This person gave me a gift I hadn't realized how much I missed.  Writing.  I loved sharing here on the blog, and writing in general.  And this has sparked that once again.

But it was this person, this Secret Santa who has me going!

Man know it or not, they sure know how to take care of the love language of gifts!

This fourth day was a ton of fun.  Reminiscent of my childhood.  It was four calling birds, and we got four stockings with penguins in the top.

The memory part?  The toothbrushes and toothpaste in them.  My parents used to do that when I was little!  It has carried through with me for life.  So it was kinda of a sweet reminder of childhood.

The candy is never so bad either!  And the girls LOVED everything about theirs. 

As you can see from this picture, they all adore their little penguins.  They carry them around all the time, and each one is safely tucked in at night....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the third day of Christmas....

Well this is where I have started to wonder how on earth my Christmas Angel(s) are going to pull this off.  There are some TOUGH days of Christmas I tell you!

How do you give one a french hen?

Well the French of course!!

Three french toast stick towers..............ahhh the creativity, AND my kids had breakfast on the morning of their church program.  Two blessings with one stone! 

Ok my dear friends and readers, who is waiting to see the next day?  I know I have at least ONE friend who anxiously anticipates what is coming the next day, she texts me first thing in the morning to see what it was.  So anyone else wanna make a venture as to what the next 9 days hold???  (yes I am a few days behind, I may be posting double tomorrow, but go ahead, make a gander!)  Post your ideas int he comments sections.  Lets see who is right!

Even my daughters anxiously try to guess what the next days blessing will be....

So until tomorrow! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the second day of Christmas...

I was overwhelmed with kindness and a new excitement!

"Your true friends give to you, two turtle doves"

Take a lookske........can you say GENEROUS??!!  

See, as much as my love language is gifts, I have a hard time accepting gifts that are generous from others.  But my secret Santa, no, Angel, has forced me into accepting it, and I couldn't be more excited.  This gift included not only my "doves" but some extras, that just make me feel girly and special.  Talk about a mood lifter!  

 Ps, I LOOOOVE dove chocolate covered almonds!!!
So for my second day adventure, I am grateful....

Monday, December 17, 2012

On the First Day of Christmas...

And this is where the song changes into a story...

"Your true friends gave to you, a partridge in a pine tree"

Yep, totally threw me off my rocker.  I so would of stumbled over this cute little tree had my girls not seen it.

Little did I know, this was the start of something I haven't felt in probably 20 years!  Yep I currently feel like a child at Christmas waiting for Santa!  Really.  I didn't know what to expect the next day, if it was a weird one time thing or not, however turns out, you get to tune in each day, because it was in fact NOT a one time thing.  I wake every morning giddy as a schoolgirl wondering what my "secret Santa" left for me overnight.

We have had such a hard year, that this is a welcome change for me.  I have been so consumed with change and loss I have lost myself a bit.

 I have my suspicions who it is, but I don't know as if she will ever fess up.  If she doesn't, well just know that this has made not only my day/week, but really it has made my entire year!  And I know I know, I can be the type to exaggerate, however I am NOT exaggerating this time!

And my girls.  They have gone through so much in the past few months.  Christmas is Alia's favorite time of year, and she wasn't finding the joy in it this year for some reason.  That is until our Christmas angel(s) appeared.  Now she is so excited each day and feels that magical wonder of Christmas, that only a child can. 

She is even hashing up plans of her stay tuned.  I will say however, all three girls are determined to catch the gifter in the act.  It is a "mystery that needs to be solved", and they spend countless time arguing about where these bits of smiles are coming from.

So....I guess until the next post........Thank you!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just a nugget...until the morning

And then for once I finally feel like writing again..................all thanks to a Secret Santa, though I say angel!!!
I will tell you all about it in the morning!..............................................