Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the third day of Christmas....

Well this is where I have started to wonder how on earth my Christmas Angel(s) are going to pull this off.  There are some TOUGH days of Christmas I tell you!

How do you give one a french hen?

Well the French of course!!

Three french toast stick towers..............ahhh the creativity, AND my kids had breakfast on the morning of their church program.  Two blessings with one stone! 

Ok my dear friends and readers, who is waiting to see the next day?  I know I have at least ONE friend who anxiously anticipates what is coming the next day, she texts me first thing in the morning to see what it was.  So anyone else wanna make a venture as to what the next 9 days hold???  (yes I am a few days behind, I may be posting double tomorrow, but go ahead, make a gander!)  Post your ideas int he comments sections.  Lets see who is right!

Even my daughters anxiously try to guess what the next days blessing will be....

So until tomorrow! 

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  1. lol you know me too well. Hope you are enjoying the suprises. It's a great idea!


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