Thursday, December 20, 2012

And the mystery continues...4th day of Christmas

Ok so this sweet person has done something that NO ONE has been able to do for quite a long while now. and not for lack of trying.  My poor sweet friend Heather has tried almost weekly, slyly suggesting it here and mentioning it there.  

This person gave me a gift I hadn't realized how much I missed.  Writing.  I loved sharing here on the blog, and writing in general.  And this has sparked that once again.

But it was this person, this Secret Santa who has me going!

Man know it or not, they sure know how to take care of the love language of gifts!

This fourth day was a ton of fun.  Reminiscent of my childhood.  It was four calling birds, and we got four stockings with penguins in the top.

The memory part?  The toothbrushes and toothpaste in them.  My parents used to do that when I was little!  It has carried through with me for life.  So it was kinda of a sweet reminder of childhood.

The candy is never so bad either!  And the girls LOVED everything about theirs. 

As you can see from this picture, they all adore their little penguins.  They carry them around all the time, and each one is safely tucked in at night....

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