Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello, Hello,'s meeeeeee...showing you a Marshmallow Shooter! DIY

AGAIN!  Yep I am giving it a go again.  I swear someday my crazy princess filled life will allow me to do the 5 posts a week that are my goal!  But for now, thank you for being a faithful reader!

And my motivation.  Brooke, a friend, needed the how to on how to make these!  So here ya go Brooke!!

I wanted to give you a neat "craft" if you will, today.  It isn't all that girly either! 

Alia needed to make something for Market Day at school.  And she wanted to not only attract the girls for customers, but the boys as well.  She settled on a marshmallow shooter.  And then tested it out.  It was awesome, super easy and super inexpensive!!  A great hit at school as well.

To make your own I will post what I did here.  I got the original idea from the all mighty Pinterest.  It is actually a blog I really enjoy following.  Come Together Kids.  Her post is here.

Soooo to make your own, here is what you need to do:

Marshmallow Shooter

You will need:

Pom Poms if you want

Yep that's it!!!

First you want to take the cup and cut the bottom off.  I would suggest using a little bit heavier duty cup.  Don't make it the huge Solo cups because their brim is too wide, but the smaller ones seemed to work perfect for me.  If your cup is too flimsy it will buckle under the pressure of the balloon.

Once it is cut, take your balloon and cut the tip off.  I figured it is about 1/4 of an inch. 

That's it.

now you take your balloon and tie the end just like you would if you were tying a balloon. 

Once that part is tied you stretch the cut part over your cup, just like these...

Now you're ready to go shoot.  The marshmallows (tiny are best) go the farther.  Pompom's are safest in the house however. 

To get the furthest distance out of your shooter you put the marshmallow right in the center of where the balloon is tied.  That really give it a chance to "pop".

Try shooting them straight up in the air, shoot them as far as you can and make it a game by drawing a line and trying to pass it.

 See how far the kids are?  That was where this marshmallow, and a few others landed!

There ya go.  A quick and simple way to keep the kids buys and convince them to go outside!!

Let me know if you ever try it out!

How do you convince your kids to go out when they don't want to?


  1. what a fun idea! I bet the kids had a blast!

  2. did this for a fun game at work. It really launches them far! it was cheap and super easy and we had a blast! thanks!

  3. awesome!!! thanks for letting me know!!


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