Sunday, April 29, 2012

hAPPy sunday!!

Cheesy right?   Well what do you expect from a mom of three little ones?

This weekend was incredibly envisioned to be productive and was exactly the opposite.  So I'm kinda bummed, however tomorrow is a NEW WEEK!

That being said I thought on Sundays I could share some of my favorite Apps, since with three kiddos a tech hubby and myself I have plenty of opinions and apps to share.  :)

The first one kinda compares with the almighty Pinterest...however, there is one little catchy that makes this one even more of a gem in some ways.

If you are like me you are not always where you can use 3g or Wifi, like the airplane etc.  Well if you mark a web page to "read it later" by using this app. It downloads the page, stores everything, you tag and sort it and it is all there for you.  Connection or not!  how great is that?!  I LOVE it, and it has been super user friendly.  So much in fact that they revamped it from "read it later" to "pocket" and it has a whole new interface that I just LOVE.

 See there's all my pages with a picture, though you can choose list view if you want. 
 You can choose what to do with the page and favorite it if you want to find it fast.
 You can even tag em with anything your little heart desires.  Pretty darn effective if you ask me.  So you can search by type, ie, jpg, video, web page etc.

 So there ya have it.  My lil blurb about one of my favorite apps. 

Try it out.  FREE is always a good price!

What is a favorite APP of yours?

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  1. Oh that one looks useful :-) I'll have to look into it! I hope you're having a good week


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