Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Review

Ok so who here would like reviews???  I love giving my idea on how something worked and I thought the weekend would be a good time....

So let me know if you think it is a good idea...

I'm gonna start with Kings Hawaiian

My hubby introduced me to these a while ago and they are amazing.  They are a sweet roll, but they have the most amazing flavor ever! 

So recently he went on a business trip and they just happen to  be one of his customers.  LUCKY him got to visit the plant and he hinted strongly at wanting to bring some home.

the Guy apologized that it was only a new product, the hot dog buns.  He was like hey a sweet roll is a sweet roll.  I'll take it!  So he brought two bags home.  And alas they lasted less than a day!!

These little things are ingenious too!  Instead of being puffy on the top and nothing on the bottom and cut so your hot dog can fall out, they cut them right down the center top.  How amazing is that?

Ok I know I know one needs a life if hot dog buns excited them.  but hey it's the small things!!  Anyhow they are WELL worth your trip.

you will usually find them not in the bread section but in the bakery section.  Go try em!!

Have you had em before?  What did you think?

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