Friday, April 27, 2012

Am I back? I have a new name tho......

Phew!!!  Wow that is a long break isn't it?
Are any of you still there with me???

I fell, not off the face of this earth, but into the my life is too busy and no one cares conundrum.  Yes I admit it, I was feeling a tad tiny bit sorry for myself.

there I am done!

And I will start back off with our trip back to Salt Lake. 

I have received a new name, not only from my hubby but my mother in law, even my friend Lisa, my neighbor, really anyone who knows you're wondering what it is hu?  He calls me the black widow of travel.  Yep isnt' that nice?

Problem is it may be the teensy bit true.  But don't tell him!!  Ok so he reads this so there honey I admit it, ONCE in a while WE have bad luck....

So we were all ready to get back home after a weekend in WI with family.  Things went swimmingly from Madison to O'hare.  Then we landed....

Our flight was a speedy 35 minutes.  Our time on the runway, a torturing 45 minutes!  As the nice attendant was making the announcement for people who don't have close connections to stay in their seats so others could get off, well I guess the WHOLE plane had pressing times, because by the time we got off the runway, into our gate, and off the plane to check the board; it said, "CLOSED" meaning we weren't breaking onto that plane.

Hubby coolly walked over to the United customer service counter to file his complaint. 
See how deliriously happy he is about this?

 In the meantime KK was being such a good trooper, not a peep out of her!

  As he was discussing his options with them, they were saying we couldn't get home before afternoon, where he coolly informed them Delta had a flight and he will be on it!  After all that got worked out she tried to tell him he had to call the hotel himself.  Good thing I have a hubby who travels a lot cuz if it were me I woulda just been like oh ok. But he said uh, no that is your job.  So after assuring him three times that his tickets were good and Delta, he gave her and myself a smile and the poor Kbean was almost asleep by this time; we were on our way.

An expensive dinner with cheap vouchers later we were in our room and praying for sleep since we had to awake at 5.  We wondered, not really, if the airlines would pay us for our scramble to find overnight care for our daughters at home, also someone to ready them in the morning and get them to school, added onto the cost of the car in the lot over another night.

Sweet dreams!

We arrive the next morning at the Delta counter only to find it is...something you won't hear me say often....MY HUBBY WAS RIGHT.  The tickets weren't released to Delta and we had to walk to another terminal to get them released and then back to Delta.

Finally on our new flight home, all was smooth until we arrived...and found to our NON utter shock, the car seat didnt' make it as safely.  It was still sitting lonely in the Ohare Airport.

Not to worry because Delta gave us a loaner and delivered it later that day.  But OY it is GOOD to be home!

And good to be back to blogging.  I missed you guys!  Hope you missed me too!

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