Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom Equals

Mom = Not Perfect

This is a hard concept to drill into our heads. The bible tells us, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made"; Psalm 139:14. But come on lets be honest here. How many of you really believe this? I mean in your heart of hearts? What does your inner self tell you? The self that tells you what you look like when you stand there and look in the mirror? The one that you hear after you yelled just a little too loud at your children? The one that talks to you when you are comparing yourself to that other mom you know? The one you listen to when you don't feel like the perfect housekeeping/cleaning/organized wife?

I know I don't believe this. I have a hard time with every one of those topics.

What we need to learn is to shut out those voices, those that tell us how imperfect we are. God made us that way, imperfect. So we can learn to rely on him, lean on him for our "self". If we do, you'll find that true happiness.

However, I can't say that I have achieved this. That is hard to do, speaking from experience today, I am struggling with those imperfections, after visiting the doctor and finding out my body is no longer what it was since having Kaelyn. That there are problems with healing. That is imperfect. I don't have time to have those inconveniences! I find myself wondering where is my 20 something body? Inside and out? But then again, do I want that drama of being a just out of my teens girl? Nah, all the boy troubles, and experiences to learn.

What about this evening as I evaluate the rest of my body? I am not happy with what I see. I don't want it. But you know what? This IS the body God gave me, problems and all. So I guess I will try to live with it. Imperfections and all.

Best EVER Countrystyle Ribs

These really are the BEST EVER, super moist and full of flavor!!

3-4 lbs country style ribs
1 med onion
1/4 c brown sugar

1 c ketchup
1/2 c H20
4 tbsp vinegar cidar
4 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
4 tbsp worchestire sauce
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Place ribs in pan/dish, lightly salt, top with slices of onion. Srpinkle brown sugar over them . Mix sauce and place 3/4 overribs. cover and backe @350 for 2 hours. Uncover and put remaning sauce over ribs. Set oven to 400 degrees and backe 1/2 hour longer.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New shoes...

Hmmm there went that new pair of shoes I was hoping for, wait, there went about the next 10 years worth of shoes!

Girls had a dentist appointment. It went really well, now that I have the feeling back in my finger from alyssa holding onto it.

She did tell me however that Alyssa will most likely need to see a dentist when she is 6 because of "jaw overgrowth". PHEW! At least it isn't that Nuk I (shhhhhhhhh) still let her have at night that is causing it. She told me it is just the way she is.

But back to the shoes, yes, how I love shoes, and how I am trading those shoes in for an orthodontist visit. At least though, this visit, I was explained, will prevent her from having to have surgery at a pre-teen. So really it is a good thing. She is oblivious to this fact, she is just toting around her purple sticky frog she got for being such a brave girl!

Alia was like an old pro, sitting there with her little sunglasses on and telling the dentist she knows what is coming next! I was proud of both my girls today.

Mother Tucker Compression Tank

Yep this tank gets smiles from me! It may be pricey, however when you have had three children in 4 years, I will tell you this is a new Mommy's best friend!

My silhouette looked wonderful in this tank and I am very excited to fool everyone around me into thinking that I have slimmed down so well. When the truth be told, I can't seem to stay away from the Dove chocolates!

The only problem with this tank might be the fact that you need a small army to help you take it off. I was a bit nervous putting it on because it got to about my boobs and then squeezed me in so tight I wondered if it would go around that unsightly bulge, but alas! It did! And I love it! I recommend it to anyone wanting to have a sleek image for a few hours!

Monday, March 29, 2010

In search of the perfect party

It might be a bigger deal than you think. My daughter has hit the age of 5. I have a feeling everything is about to change.

Up to this point, I have been very lucky to be in control. I have been able to pick her outfits out with out a fight, and decide on putting her hair in cute piggy tails. I also have picked what her party would be each year, with every growing year getting cuter.

This year Alia says to me, Mama, I want a flower party. A sunflower party. Ok I thought this should be easy enough. But as this new year moves along, closer to her birthday, she has come up to me recently with a drawing. Oh that is pretty I say. What is it? It is a picture of what she wants her birthday cake to look like! Yep, that little brain has been turning and processing what her perfect flower cake is going to look like! Oh no, this might not be as easy as once with just a month left until her birthday, I am in search of the perfect birthday. I think I found it though....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nothing like wasting time

So I should be saying I was wonderful super mom and wife, getting everything I want done. Working quick as a busy bee.

The truth be told? I have spent the past day and a half trying to figure out how to customize this blog. Boring? I know, but it was my day and night. I have been determined to be able to make my own designs, something to set me apart, something to say ME, Colleen! Something that says...........Princess............

So anyhow I am happy to say that thankfully my mother in law was here to watch the girls and play doggie with them, and I was here to finish picking my brain figuring and learning.

Now the normal life as mommy and wife can resume.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not only limited to the children...

The children are not the only thing that can zap ones time and energy quicker than a bug zapper. So can parents. I can preface by saying I love my dad, love him more than anything and spend countless hours a week on the phone with him, even calling him every morning at 9. Just to make sure that he isn't enjoying his retirement too much.

However the 21st century isn't always a friend to those who are still enjoying things like a rotary phone. Trying to figure out things as simple as a phone, to things like printing pictures. Ahh take a man who loves photography, give him a new digital SLR camera and a high end printer. Sounds like the perfect combo right? Wrong.

Two hours and a screaming baby later he has finally printed 3 pictures. However he is very proud of his accomplishments so I too am gald. Glad the phone call of directions is ending, and happy at his sense of accomplishment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And the Mama Drama starts

Soo nothing like packing three little princesses all up... Toys? check. Snacks? check. Doll? check. Diaper Cag? check. Blanket? check. Daughters? CHECK

Now getting them all in the car, driving to the doctor and looking forward to showing off the littlest princess. Arrive, only 5 minutes late, quite the accomplishment if you ask me!

Unload, walk in, ride the elevator up, only after deciding who gets to press the buttons on the way up and who will have to wait to the ride down. Little did they know that ride down would be as quick as the ride up.

Receptionist tells me, ummm, no your appointment is NEXT Wednesday...Dr isn't even here today.

Really? You aren't kidding? Well I guess I am no longer late am I? Instead of frustration at having to wait another week, take pride in the fact that I am not on the wrong date, I am in fact, VERY early.

Still trying to f igure this thing out!

Ok so I am still searching if this is the best blog site for me. And if it is, trying to figure out all the in's and out's of it and what I really want this to be all about!
Sounds confusing hu? Well then try being me, in a constant case of confused! I'll let ya know when I figure it all out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's in a name?

That is a great question. I wanted the URL to be the same title as the blog, but alas no such luck. Oh well. This one fits too, there is mama drama, and then there is princess drama, and then me, the drama mama. We are all in the same boat, so the title fits. This blog is to tell you the bits and parts of being mom to three princesses, all while maintaining, or at least trying to maintain, your (my) sanity!