Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New shoes...

Hmmm there went that new pair of shoes I was hoping for, wait, there went about the next 10 years worth of shoes!

Girls had a dentist appointment. It went really well, now that I have the feeling back in my finger from alyssa holding onto it.

She did tell me however that Alyssa will most likely need to see a dentist when she is 6 because of "jaw overgrowth". PHEW! At least it isn't that Nuk I (shhhhhhhhh) still let her have at night that is causing it. She told me it is just the way she is.

But back to the shoes, yes, how I love shoes, and how I am trading those shoes in for an orthodontist visit. At least though, this visit, I was explained, will prevent her from having to have surgery at a pre-teen. So really it is a good thing. She is oblivious to this fact, she is just toting around her purple sticky frog she got for being such a brave girl!

Alia was like an old pro, sitting there with her little sunglasses on and telling the dentist she knows what is coming next! I was proud of both my girls today.

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