Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not only limited to the children...

The children are not the only thing that can zap ones time and energy quicker than a bug zapper. So can parents. I can preface by saying I love my dad, love him more than anything and spend countless hours a week on the phone with him, even calling him every morning at 9. Just to make sure that he isn't enjoying his retirement too much.

However the 21st century isn't always a friend to those who are still enjoying things like a rotary phone. Trying to figure out things as simple as a phone, to things like printing pictures. Ahh take a man who loves photography, give him a new digital SLR camera and a high end printer. Sounds like the perfect combo right? Wrong.

Two hours and a screaming baby later he has finally printed 3 pictures. However he is very proud of his accomplishments so I too am gald. Glad the phone call of directions is ending, and happy at his sense of accomplishment.


  1. Oh I have btdt with the younger gerneration.. So your dad did good! LOL

  2. I am actually very proud of him. For being 80 he does well. But sometimes the kids look at me funny when I am YELLING into the phone because he doesn't always want to listen at first!


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