Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And the Mama Drama starts

Soo nothing like packing three little princesses all up... Toys? check. Snacks? check. Doll? check. Diaper Cag? check. Blanket? check. Daughters? CHECK

Now getting them all in the car, driving to the doctor and looking forward to showing off the littlest princess. Arrive, only 5 minutes late, quite the accomplishment if you ask me!

Unload, walk in, ride the elevator up, only after deciding who gets to press the buttons on the way up and who will have to wait to the ride down. Little did they know that ride down would be as quick as the ride up.

Receptionist tells me, ummm, no your appointment is NEXT Wednesday...Dr isn't even here today.

Really? You aren't kidding? Well I guess I am no longer late am I? Instead of frustration at having to wait another week, take pride in the fact that I am not on the wrong date, I am in fact, VERY early.

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