Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom Equals

Mom = Not Perfect

This is a hard concept to drill into our heads. The bible tells us, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made"; Psalm 139:14. But come on lets be honest here. How many of you really believe this? I mean in your heart of hearts? What does your inner self tell you? The self that tells you what you look like when you stand there and look in the mirror? The one that you hear after you yelled just a little too loud at your children? The one that talks to you when you are comparing yourself to that other mom you know? The one you listen to when you don't feel like the perfect housekeeping/cleaning/organized wife?

I know I don't believe this. I have a hard time with every one of those topics.

What we need to learn is to shut out those voices, those that tell us how imperfect we are. God made us that way, imperfect. So we can learn to rely on him, lean on him for our "self". If we do, you'll find that true happiness.

However, I can't say that I have achieved this. That is hard to do, speaking from experience today, I am struggling with those imperfections, after visiting the doctor and finding out my body is no longer what it was since having Kaelyn. That there are problems with healing. That is imperfect. I don't have time to have those inconveniences! I find myself wondering where is my 20 something body? Inside and out? But then again, do I want that drama of being a just out of my teens girl? Nah, all the boy troubles, and experiences to learn.

What about this evening as I evaluate the rest of my body? I am not happy with what I see. I don't want it. But you know what? This IS the body God gave me, problems and all. So I guess I will try to live with it. Imperfections and all.

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