Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A peek.....Whats to come....

Ok I am soooo excited, even giddy about my laundry room!

Lame?  Yes, I suppose, but as you might guess, having three princesses = a LOT of laundry!  So I spend a good portion of my EVERY day in there, and if I don't, it gets away from me and FAST!  Sooooooooooo

I finally decided to do something about my space...

Also the hubby might have been was getting annoyed at the entry way with the kids coats and backpacks, and everything in-between always piling up and falling across the whole hall way.

I went to a place someone back home recommended she heard about, Down East, and I found a little system for 100$, I decided to go for it!

So that being said.....I'm not done yet, cuz i am going all out!  

But...thought you might like to take a peek and guess the work I have done......soooo with out further adoo.....Here is my peek...............


And this is my project, my reason why you can't see it yet....I am going to attempt, all by myself, no tutorial, no help, to make a ruffle valence for here, to match everything.
Why it is at an odd angle, well you can't see what I have done yet!!  Hahaha and you thought you could trick me!  I think not!  :)

 There.  Are you as exited as me??  I hope so, cuz I tell ya, organization and a pretty laundry room REALLY DO make it easier to keep up with it.  I swear!  There is something about working in a bland place vs. working in a pretty place.....

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Door

First time Shame on you, second time, AHHH you would have thought we learned our lesson!!!

So last holiday (Christmas) I had a bunch of moms and lil ones over and the little boys were playing with our doors and my bedroom door got locked and shut, fortunately no one was in there....

Fast forward to yesterday.  I get a call from Alia, "mama come in here, we were playing house and, well, uh, um, we put KK in there to go night night, and shut the door.  Thing is, now it won't open, its locked."

REALLY?  I have told them almost on a daily basis NOT to shut doors!! Their room was the only door left that had a LOCKING (key lock) door handle on it.  That no hole to poke....

The guilty party trying to fix it herself...

So, the story becomes more interesting when I realize, I was supposed to pick hubby up in a half hour because his car is DEAD.  Its not going another single inch.  Problem is HOW can I get hubby if my new found 2 year old is locked in the bedroom.

She did great for a little while....she was under the assumption that they were playing and she was to night night.

Then she started to say "open door Alia, open open."  So what do my two guilty little sweethearts do?  The only thing they can think of..... they go and get crackers and start feeding her them from under the crack of the door!


Luckily Brandon was on the road with his boss anyhow, and his boss agreed to drop him off.

So, after hubby gets home, he now has at least some experience sawing off door handles.  Apparently this gets easier with practice.  This one didn't take near as long or create near as much damage as the one in December!

In a matter of about 10 minutes (of SCREAMING on KK's part, from the noise and being scared) he was able to saw the handle off and rescue the tiniest princess of the household.

 The Knight:

Note to self:  CHANGE ALL the door handles this weekend!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A love story thats still gloing

Ok so most of you know, bot for those of you that don't, thought you might find it cute to learn just how I met and married my hubby.

It is kind of a cute story. 

We had to travel a thousand miles to meet, and we lived about an hour apart!!  We even figure we were at some same events!

Either which way, we were both in long (3+ year) relationships in 1999.  But we both had decided to take an internship with the World Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters.  (He was actually considering South East Asia but decided FL would be better) soooooo....we went.

And for the first month, besides knowing he was from WI I didn't know much about him, as he had a girlfriend so hardly talked to any females  :)

Then she did me a huge favor and broke up with him (mine broke ours off the week before I left) and that night he asked if he could go swing dancing with us....

And that whole night he was my partner, and my partner only.  Things moved a bit fast from there, as we were inseparable.  However when he asked to date me a week later I said yes, and then thought about it and took it back!  Decided I should pray about it....I did, diligently, and from that I learned that yes God had plans for us.

We had a blast in Orlando and our very first real date was at the, wait get this, the Worlds Largest McDonald's!

 (we went back years later to the same spot for pictures  :))

So many things that summer had me falling in love with him.  So many wonderful qualities.

I also fastly fell in love with his family and became pretty close to them.

Five months later, back at my apartment in River Falls (he in Madison) my best friend whom I lived with kept encouraging me to take a shower.  It was finals week and I wasn't really in the mood.  She hinted that I really needed to because "I didn't want to smell for my classes".  I thought she was off her rocker!

Anyhow, 2am that morning I see this egg head (hehe sorry honey you know that is what I thought, (he had just shaved his head which I hadn't seen before)) and he "breaks into" my room and kneels down and asks me to be his wife.  The only problem was I was so groggy I just asked him what he was doing here and rolled back over to go to sleep.

After a bit of prodding I got the picture.  This sweet man was asking me to marry him!  From then on I couldn't sleep. 

A year and 5 months after meeting Brandon, I married the sweetheart of my life.  In a beautiful sunny, 32 degree, snow and ice, lights twinkling perfect kind of day.

Marriage will never be perfect or easy.  There are times when it isn't all as sunny as young love thinks...but it is worth it.  It is amazing and sweet.  It is a life with someone you choose to be around.  Life to share with a friend, your best friend. 

Life will always be sweeter because he is in it.  I love you Brandon!  Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm here I'm here!!

Ive told you that before right?  So much has been going on!!  Bronchitis x3, sinus infections, ear infections, in-laws visiting, super bowl party, KK birthday, Lissy birthday party.... I know I know, and I won't say it can't happen again, but I am back and it is thanks to a good friend Julie...who informed me my blog misses me.

Sometimes you loose sight of why you blog?  I was down thinking no one really read it all that much, I know one or two people do, but I ache to have more.

Then after Julie told me that I realized that, that isn't why I write.  I write because I love to write.  I blog because I want to share my life with my three princesses.  I want to help possibly some other mother who has a daughter and needs advice.  Cuz man I have a lot of it!  HAHA

I write to offer advice on cooking easy dishes, product reviews that are helpful to me, and easy crafts and organization so life becomes easier for others.

I write because I am proud of my girls, my family and I couldn't care if anyone read it, because someday they can look back on it and have a glimpse into their little lives.

So, here I am.  Here more, offering more, opening it up for you to ask anything you want.  And if you don't, I'll just keep sharing  :)

Today just a quick picture after that "lecture"  :)

This one is my girls at their Daddy Daughter Ball at Noah's in South Jordan.  

They had a GREAT time~~~even got to ride in Cinderellas carriage!!

And this one is the girls valentines.  Alyssa's is done, Alia's I still need to insert the suckers.  I found the picture on Pinterest and thought, how personal, how cool, AND I didn't have to write each classmates name on (BIG bonus!!)

Have a great day!!
Comment on anything you like today  :)  hehe