Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm here I'm here!!

Ive told you that before right?  So much has been going on!!  Bronchitis x3, sinus infections, ear infections, in-laws visiting, super bowl party, KK birthday, Lissy birthday party.... I know I know, and I won't say it can't happen again, but I am back and it is thanks to a good friend Julie...who informed me my blog misses me.

Sometimes you loose sight of why you blog?  I was down thinking no one really read it all that much, I know one or two people do, but I ache to have more.

Then after Julie told me that I realized that, that isn't why I write.  I write because I love to write.  I blog because I want to share my life with my three princesses.  I want to help possibly some other mother who has a daughter and needs advice.  Cuz man I have a lot of it!  HAHA

I write to offer advice on cooking easy dishes, product reviews that are helpful to me, and easy crafts and organization so life becomes easier for others.

I write because I am proud of my girls, my family and I couldn't care if anyone read it, because someday they can look back on it and have a glimpse into their little lives.

So, here I am.  Here more, offering more, opening it up for you to ask anything you want.  And if you don't, I'll just keep sharing  :)

Today just a quick picture after that "lecture"  :)

This one is my girls at their Daddy Daughter Ball at Noah's in South Jordan.  

They had a GREAT time~~~even got to ride in Cinderellas carriage!!

And this one is the girls valentines.  Alyssa's is done, Alia's I still need to insert the suckers.  I found the picture on Pinterest and thought, how personal, how cool, AND I didn't have to write each classmates name on (BIG bonus!!)

Have a great day!!
Comment on anything you like today  :)  hehe


  1. good job my friend!! One thing I learned from my blogging it's not about who reads it; it's about knowing I wrote it and that next year, 10 years from now I can go back and reflect on how far I've come. keep it up. And know that I do read yours and look for updates daily!! :)

    We made similar valentines for Lexy; gotta love pinterest.

  2. I looove pinterest lol
    And thank you dear!!!

  3. glad to see you are back up and writing!

  4. I think that's a great idea. Your kids are sweet. Glad you're up and well now.


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