Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A peek.....Whats to come....

Ok I am soooo excited, even giddy about my laundry room!

Lame?  Yes, I suppose, but as you might guess, having three princesses = a LOT of laundry!  So I spend a good portion of my EVERY day in there, and if I don't, it gets away from me and FAST!  Sooooooooooo

I finally decided to do something about my space...

Also the hubby might have been was getting annoyed at the entry way with the kids coats and backpacks, and everything in-between always piling up and falling across the whole hall way.

I went to a place someone back home recommended she heard about, Down East, and I found a little system for 100$, I decided to go for it!

So that being said.....I'm not done yet, cuz i am going all out!  

But...thought you might like to take a peek and guess the work I have done......soooo with out further adoo.....Here is my peek...............


And this is my project, my reason why you can't see it yet....I am going to attempt, all by myself, no tutorial, no help, to make a ruffle valence for here, to match everything.
Why it is at an odd angle, well you can't see what I have done yet!!  Hahaha and you thought you could trick me!  I think not!  :)

 There.  Are you as exited as me??  I hope so, cuz I tell ya, organization and a pretty laundry room REALLY DO make it easier to keep up with it.  I swear!  There is something about working in a bland place vs. working in a pretty place.....

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  1. Cant wait to see it and good luck on the curtains!


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