Friday, February 17, 2012

The Door

First time Shame on you, second time, AHHH you would have thought we learned our lesson!!!

So last holiday (Christmas) I had a bunch of moms and lil ones over and the little boys were playing with our doors and my bedroom door got locked and shut, fortunately no one was in there....

Fast forward to yesterday.  I get a call from Alia, "mama come in here, we were playing house and, well, uh, um, we put KK in there to go night night, and shut the door.  Thing is, now it won't open, its locked."

REALLY?  I have told them almost on a daily basis NOT to shut doors!! Their room was the only door left that had a LOCKING (key lock) door handle on it.  That no hole to poke....

The guilty party trying to fix it herself...

So, the story becomes more interesting when I realize, I was supposed to pick hubby up in a half hour because his car is DEAD.  Its not going another single inch.  Problem is HOW can I get hubby if my new found 2 year old is locked in the bedroom.

She did great for a little while....she was under the assumption that they were playing and she was to night night.

Then she started to say "open door Alia, open open."  So what do my two guilty little sweethearts do?  The only thing they can think of..... they go and get crackers and start feeding her them from under the crack of the door!


Luckily Brandon was on the road with his boss anyhow, and his boss agreed to drop him off.

So, after hubby gets home, he now has at least some experience sawing off door handles.  Apparently this gets easier with practice.  This one didn't take near as long or create near as much damage as the one in December!

In a matter of about 10 minutes (of SCREAMING on KK's part, from the noise and being scared) he was able to saw the handle off and rescue the tiniest princess of the household.

 The Knight:

Note to self:  CHANGE ALL the door handles this weekend!!


  1. lol..guess you've learned your lesson but the question is have the girls?

  2. I just LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! but one question...why didnt you just use a butterknife and pop the door open?

  3. Not possible! Try using one to get in your house....that is the kind of, and how the doors are set up! No picking or sliding locks in any way!!! And thank you for loving it Missie! That warms my heart! Heather, I highly doubt it!! Haha! Ps please feel free to share my blog w others, I love knowing I can either help or at least get a chuckle out of people :) thanks guys! Love you!

  4. This could be the reasoning behind us not having interior doors when I was a kid. LOL Just think of the stories you're grandkids will get to enjoy. LMBO

  5. Oh no! This almost happened to me last week. My three-year-old attempted to lock my toddler in our basement and I didn't have a key! Luckily, he didn't click the door all the way shut! Glad your princess was rescued.

    Hey, are you going to the story/blog conf in a couple weeks?

  6. I have heard of several.....but when and where? Are you going? Life's been a bit crazy lately I haven't pair attention much....

  7. Ps glad yours didn't get locked down, it's quite the ordeal lol

  8. Glad it hadn't taken you much time in rescuing the little princess. That's a bit worrying. Glad that all is well.

  9. Ha thanks!! Yeah I almost panicked!!


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