Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Check back today!

So lets see!!  I am a blogger failure I think!

First I get excited, then I start to feel sorry for myself when I realize I only have about 30 people who read and it isn't growing that I know of, then I get busy with life, then I wish I was writing, then I start again....

Am I a pain?!  Yes! 

However I was discussing with hubby one of the problems is I can't write at home, with the chaos!!  So we have agreed to let me go somewhere with free wifi to write a few times a week.  So lets see if this helps.

This week I intend on writing about:

Little girls and their images (body) and to be aware of it
How to have the perfect barbie party
End of school fun-ness
and TBA  :)


  1. 30 is something! I saw your comment on my blog and just had to click over. Great recipes!


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