Monday, January 14, 2013

The Rest of the Days of Cristmas...

So we left off with the fourth day of Christmas.  I bet you are waiting with baited breath wondering what happened to us....ok so even if you aren't I'm going to tell you, because this was seriously the coolest experience of my life!!

Sorry it took till now.  Traveling with a family of five across country for Christmas, and then all over the state and then getting back into the swing of life once home, including but not limited to the flu can prove to throw even the most organized mom off (which i surely am not).

And hey this blog was about life as a mom right?  And keeping it real?  Right?  So you should be smitten with me because I sure do keep it real! 

Anyhow, the FIFTH and SIXTH days of Christmas were cute.  The girls just loved trying to guess the next item since sometimes it just contained one word of the traditional song.

Day 5 was FIVE Crispy Creams...

Which was wonderful for this mom, another day of not having to find breakfast for the kiddos!!

Day 6 made me question what time of year it was  :).....I wondered if it was Easter....six geese a laying became 6 Christmas eggs...........

Ok here's to promising you...yes you Heather, that I will be back tomorrow with another days surprises and I even have a few other topics planned for later this week and early next week!!

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  1. So glad to read your post, I know that I am lucky enough to know all about your 12 days of Christmas but I bet the rest of your readers were curious to see the rest of the days. Lol, just call me your motivation. I''ll motivate you & you do the same for me! :)


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