Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Days 7, 8, 9, and 10 of my Days of Christmas

As Christmas neared things became a blur.  But one thing stood steady.  My secret Santa and delivering a surprise each morning.

Well sometimes it was at night, and two of those times they down right scared us!  But in a good way.  But we were well into our nighttime routine and then there would be this BOOM BOOM BOOM.that you woulda thought we were prepared for.  But each time it came as a new surprise. 

sometimes the girls would RUN to the window trying to "catch" him.  All but one time they never saw a thing, and even that one time it was just a blurr of a kid running away. 

And when they would ask to open the door, I would shout NO (yes admittedly maybe a little to zealously) that they had to wait till the morning.  It was so cute to see Alia wake each morning just anticipating and guessing what Secret had left us this time.

Day 7 was a neat one they still adore....7 Swans a swimming turned into the Swan Princess movie.  And they have only watched it a little under 100 times!!

Day 8 was another hit, especially with my two youngest.  8 Maids a Milking.  And for that one we got a gallon of Chocolate milk.  SCORE another "breakfastish" item I didn't have to worry about. 

Mom and Dad made sure to each have a TALL glass ourselves too!!  The pre-made kind just isn't something we buy often...see even made a fun treat for all the kids I was watching that Friday :)

And day 9.  Girls got to open a pretty black and white present.  It was 9 Ladies dancing....at the ball...

Upon opening it, they immediately started playing with it, families can always use a strong well made ball, however this one is now waiting till spring where it can show its true colors  :)

And lastly, and I think I forgot a picture of this one!!  Is 10 Lords a Leaping.  Or in this case, leapfrogging.  A game that is now our in the car travel game that can be taken anywhere.  :)

SO STAY TUNED!!  I have to tell you about our last two days,especially the last one!  There is even a story to go with it, and if it is all I got all season, this was the most precious gift of all!!

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