Thursday, April 22, 2010


Some REALLY cheap stuff combining coupons this week!

This is by far not all the deals for here this week. But it is what I found on my shopping trip.
If you need any coupons let me know, if you are right here I can get em to you somehow maybe. Especially if you are coming to my candle party tonight :)

If you ever need to search for coupons, go to it is a great searchable database.

I know Bushes Baked beans are super cheap (use the red board coupon and MFG coupon)

CLUB/Nabisco crackers are 1.99 each, then take 2.00 off two boxes, makes em .99 a box! (I have several of these coupons if you want)

Poptarts are ok deal 1.99 take off 1.00 coupon ON SOME of the GB east boxes (or there are 1.25 off coupons from the paper) makes them on average 1.49 a box

Swanson Chix broth (low sodium for me) .67 a can, take off coupon from paper .40, take off RED box coupon per can .35, makes it .22 A CAN of broth!

Birds eye steamfresh veggies are .99 (there is a MFG coupon in the paper) and take a RED box coupon of .55/2 makes em very cheap! .45 or less

Gogurt is 2/4 there is a 1.10 off ONE box or a few different coupons out there..

Hope this helps

If it does please leave me a comment telling me so....if you do I will keep on posting away!

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