Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red White and Blue

You are thinking wow ready for memorial day already? I'm thinking not so much....
Let me explain....

Nothing like settling in at night, dreaming (or is it taunting myself) of the day full of accomplishments you are going to have. Knowing that it has been warm and sunny out, and that springtime air propels you into your chores, knowing that you have a full to do list waiting and feeling like maybe just maybe this time you will get it done.

Fast forward to morning...

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Yep 3 inches of snow cover the ground, and driveway. Blissfully unaware as I rush to get 3 & 4 year olds ready to take the elder to school.

So after the school drop we on our way to shop for some baby shower stuff. A few hours later my not so peanut has decided, not over time, but RIGHT NOW she is starving and is going to tell the whole world about it. Oops, guess I window shopped just a bit too long, best get going.

Out to car in slosh, bags loaded, Alyssa loaded, screaming baby loaded. Car in drive...

As I am trying to convince my little one it will only be a few minutes longer all of a sudden I hear bells, wait, no those aren't bells they are sirens. Ya know the blue and red kind of sirens. Oh please God let it be for a traffic violation, one that isn't mine! Like a good citizen I pull over, but shakily I notice that he too pulls over.

Oh really? NOW? Ok Kaelyn I swear mommy will get you home.

"mommy why is that man talking to you?"
I can't lie, I have to tell her, just as she gets punished for not doing the right thing, so do mommies and daddies.

"Honey we have an important tail light out."

Oh wait, now he is telling me that i was going 5 over, ok, screaming baby must have taken my mind off of it. Hmm this could be bad.

License. Ok it is here somewhere, right? Right? WRONG.

"Ok sorry officer, I live just on the next road can you follow me home for it?"

"sure mam"

Ok getting a little sweaty, nervous. Can I drive? Oh no I can't do 31 it is 30 here! Wait what about that tail light? I have to turn LEFT! What is that signal again?

As I turn into my garage I look and the garage door is open wide, while it is snowing! Great, do I have any braincells left? Apparently not. As I run in the house and look for the missing license. It is NO where to be found, once again it is as Brandon calls it "Colleen lost". Ok sweating a little more now..officer finally comes to the door and tells me to just take care of my baby and he will give me a warning for those two with out my license. What a NICE man!

PHEW, screaming baby in arms now, I pace waiting to nurse her but thankful he isn't going to give me an expensive ticket for my 3 offences.

He comes to the door and proceeds to tell me that as he was running my plates that they came back not registered. (over due) I said that I was sure my dear husband just forgot to put the stickers on. No he informs me, there is no comment of payment. Ok, make that FOUR offences. This man should get a metal, he is so sweet.

Asking my daughter kindly what our kitties name is. He told me to have a nice day and just have the station check out our lights when we have em fixed and pay the registration.

Did I mention later tonight as I was cleaning out my purse the license WAS in there, in a pocket?!

And so the saga continues, my day that is. Nothing like making a fine dinner for your family, healthy and yummy. As I turn from the sink I hear a huge HISSSSS. Yep, the telltale smell, warm honey, sizzling with brown sugar...ON MY BURNERS. That can't be good can it? Ok so there is still glaze left, however most of it is on the burner so that should be a world of fun to clean off.

Then as my mouthwatering ham is done, and the noodles and veggies are in their bowls awaiting their fate, I figure I must get the ham cut by now, so I reach over, grab the knife, forgetting I am left handed I reach for it with my right hand, only to reach with my left hand for the dish the ham is in, with out my oven mitt. OUCH!!!! Cold water Cold water, ahhh there it is, relief. Well at least I didn't cook my fingers, they only had a temporary assault and are now fine.

So as for my day, I think I probably should have just crawled back in bed at the break of dawn and started it over!


  1. What a day! I'm glad you didn't get a ticket.

  2. Hey that screaming baby saved you over 100 bucks... Count your blessings.. :p Sorry it was such a rough day I think this could be a half hour sitcom or something! Got to love days like those. I had one like that on Friday. All I can say is exploding pop everywhere right as I was getting out of the car to go shopping... I looked like I peed myself and I had to go into the store and buy myself a new outfit in my hast I bought pants that did not quite fit and a shirt that was way to small. Plus I grabbed someone else's receipt so I could not return it so I lost 20 bucks due to a 1.00 pop.

    Hope you have a good nights sleep and wake up to a much better day. The good thing is the weather should get back into the 60's by the beginning of next week.

  3. Thanks crystal!
    Abbie, oh that does sound like my day! And I can't believe you had to buy an outfit! yikes, too bad in your fluster you didn't get one you liked! :) Yeah i can't wait for spring....again!

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