Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do you like Chocolate? Do you like cookies?

 What about chocolate chip cookies?
What am I saying, EVERYONE loves cookies!!

And you tell me WHAT mom wouldn't love a "baked out of the oven cookie, with out even having to turn the oven on!!!"  Ahhh I have your attention now don't I??

Ok so its review time, really.  I love giving HONEST feedback on products because I HATE wasting my time, its precious, and my money, cuz I'm cheap.  Ok well I need want more shoes.

Anyhow, I am a member of BZZ Agent.  Let me tell you, it is amazing, you get FULL sized FREE totally FREE (remember the cheap?) products to try and then share your opinion about and share some free samples and coupons.

So if you are interested in signing up, please go take a look at their page here, but make SURE if you tell them that alianalyssas mom referred you!  Ok?  Deal?

Anyhow, they signed me up for Kroger brand Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I was quite skeptical that any store brand cookie could be that good.  Good yes, but amazing?

Well let me tell you.

I got the box in the mail, and first of all they sent me TWO boxes.  So a few days after getting the kit, I decided to open them with my two youngest.

 What a little hamhock right?!
COOKIE, COOKIE mama!  She Loved her cookies!
Let me tell you, they really are AH-Mazing!!!  YUM.  Like a crunchy Chips a Hoy, but SOOOO much better!  Why you are wondering are they better?  Well first of all they are bigger, and really when it comes to cookies, bigger is always better!  And second of all they have an amazing amount of chocolate chips in them  They did not scrimp on these, and to this professed choc a holic, that is GREAT news!

So anyhow, on the package and in the kit it suggests warming them in the microwave.  This seemed an odd request, given their crumbly status.  I was very reluctant to try them this way.  But, I figured what can I loose.

LET ME TELL YOU.  I soooo shouldn't have waited to the last 3 cookies!!  Oh my golly gosh goodness, they taste like REAL OUT OF THE OVEN cookies!  They were sooooo moist and melty.  Oh goodness, I get giddy thinking of it!

However, after 2 cookies for each girl, I was sad to announce to Lissy today, when she asked for another cookie, that they were all gone.  Why she asked, the box is right there on the counter.  I had to admit to her that it was there because mommy had to steal the last three cookies I was saving for them!  OOOPS.

So, if you live by any type of Kroger store, one that sells the brand, go out and get your self some!!  And if you live by me, I still have 3 1$ off coupons, just leave me a message here and I will get it to ya!


  1. That's my kind of review! Chocolate chip cookies are a huge weakness of mine, so I hardly ever make them or buy them. Though a friend recently dropped some off. Of course we quickly devoured the entire bag.

    I don't want the coupon because that would encourage me, but I may accidentally buy some in the future. :)

  2. LOL you crack me up, see the difference from me and your post, is you said "we" I might imply it, however say a bag of oreos, my kids typically get 3 each, and i FINISH the bag, and usually in two days!! YIKES *turns sheepish red*


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