Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The day that just keeps on giving and giving!

Ever have one of those days?  The one where you say, "it just can't get any worse?"

And then you wonder why you had to challenge fate?

I did that just this morning.  My hubby is still away on business and my mother in law had a really early morning flight.  After saying good-bye all seemed good upon waking, until my Lissy Cakes came in the living room saying her tummy hurt.

Me being the good mom I am, said, ok well that is fine, why don't you just get dressed anyhow and you will probably be fine. At that simple suggestion she ran to the bathroom, but nothing happened, so the ever concerned mom in me went with her into her room to dress her.  I guess you get what you ask for, because as I was buttoning up her pretty little bee jean dress for school, she proceeded to puke all over it, the floor, and yes, me.

In the meantime, I realize that though my thermostat is set at 71 degrees, the thermometer reads a balmy 62.  GREAT I think my furnace is trying to tell me something, something that I have been bugging hubby about for the past month and a half.  Added to my to do list...

Before heading to school I go in to wake a very crabby baby up. She has bright red spots all over her tummy and is saying oweee.  Not sure what they are, but make the quick decision to put those on hold to proceed with morning drop off.

Still needed to get Alia to school however, so I rush over to the neighbors to ask if they can stay with the Cakes while I am gone to school.  They say yes, and I am rushing Alia out the door  Asking her to get her shoes on, ANY shoes on for the FOURTH time, she says, MOM, my tights are wet and they smell really bad. 

I go over, she SAT in DOG PEE.  DANG dog!   Now I remember one of the reasons I didn't want one.  He's lucky he is cute!

She goes and changes her clothing and we head out to take her to school.

I get back and get the sick little girl and spotted baby ready to go to my MOMS meeting that I run.  Had to go because I am the one who sets up the speakers, and it is a good thing I did, because amongst all my chaos I forgot to remind whoever it was had food, to bring it, so.....we had none.  Nope not a morsel. 

 Let me tell you, you can NOT run a meeting for a bunch of women, mothers at that, and not have goodies of their very own, with no sharing, for them to munch on! A riot could break out!

So I run out while the speaker is speaking and buy doughnuts and fruit. 

While I was busy attending to the moms, my sweet little spotted stinker decided a kleenex box might be the fun thing to keep her busy, and as I walk out to where they are, this is what I see.......

A collector of Kleenex....

We are now all finally home and the two little girls are napping.  Lissy was feeling better, and the babies spots were almost faded....And I am praying for a simpler rest of my day!!!

Note to self: never challenge fate...wait didn't I say that a while back?!

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