Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Challenging Murphy's Law:

Well, I didn't actually challenge her, but she sure must have thought I did....

See I haven't written in a few days for good reason! Good ole Murphy has proven herself correct on every account possible.

Each day has thankfully gotten a little better, however, it has been a LONG week! Yes I am fully aware it is only Wednesday. It can only go up right?

So Monday started pretty normal. Though I was slightly thrown off because I had to take my dad to the airport and that would mean my perfect schedule would be altered. I don't do well with change. Heck I cried when I turned 13! So even little changes like this bug me.

But I guess i shouldn't have told myself I would be glad to get back home and resume normal.

We arrive at the airport and I get out of the van to hug my daddy good bye. I hate good bye's. Never have liked em, any sort of em. Anyhow I hug him, and look over to my hubby (who is sweet enough to walk my dad through the airport and security because he gets so easily confused) and gesture toward our right rear wheel. It was pretty flat.

"Go to the nearest gas station" he suggests, "I'll be there in a little".

So I attempt to do just that. However Salt Lake airport is NOT Green Bay airport. I had no clue where a close gas station was. And when I finally chose a direction, it did not take me "close". As a matter of a fact I believe my husband put it, "Why did you want to go to the ghetto?"

I had been driving for about 10 minutes, which then led to a damaged rim as well. So hubby in his work clothes is changing the tire. In the meantime I realize the poor baby, who had been on antibiotics, has another runny diaper.

I proceed to go into the gas station to purchase a very expensive $4 diaper, uh-hu, one diaper, for her. Then have to sit on the bathroom floor (EWWWE) and put her on my lap to change her, wriggling and screaming the whole time.

Spare finally on the van, hubby directs me to a tire place close to home. I go there to see how long it will take to get fixed and they suggest a half hour. Ok, we stay. And she strikes again. Another poopy diaper, fortunatly after some rummaging through the garbage in our van, not littlerally, I find a diaper and i change her on the floor of the waiting room while all the thrilled customers watch. Oh well it wasn't them was it?

Finally an hour later we were done. Day could only go up from here. Got the baby down for her nap and a few things done in the house before I had to wake her, go get the girls and head BACK downtown to take Alia to her doctor appointment at Children's Hosptial. This is not my favorite place to drive around if you haven't figured that out by now.

We arrive one minute to spare, so I quick grab the baby out of her seat, grab the diaper bag and my purse and we start running to the hospital.

I feel something, well moist. Hmmm no actually quite moist. I slowly move my hand a little further down her bum to readjust her. Yep, she was soaked through..did I dare to peek? As we make a quick stop at a reception desk I do, only to discover to my horror, it isn't only wet, but another ummmm, runny blowout. Only this time all over me. Wonderful.

We get to Alia's receptionist and I ask her if I can rush to the bathroom, only to discover there that I am out of wipes. I send Alia back to the reception desk to ask for wipes, which they give her, but upon opening it, they are bone DRY. If you have ever used a dry wipe on a babys bottom you know there is no working with it! So now I have to hold KK with one hand and rush back and forth to the sink to wet them down and to change her outfit.

Problem solved Again.

We get into the doctors office and the poor Bean is screaming her head off because she thinks it is for her. If you know me at all you know she has gone through quite a bit of doctor visits in the past year.

Finally she is calm and sitting on my lap. Alia's doctor comes in and we address all the issues and what not. Thankfully nothing is major wrong. She is doing well. We thank the doctor and I stand up to be on our way. Only then do I realize I look like I WET my pants! The baby had wet yet again, and this time it was positioned just right so it looked like I was the one who had the problem!

No time to worry about that, time to rush off to make Lissy's dance class, then Alia's.

We make Lissy's only about 8 minutes late. Then when it is Alia's turn I tell her I have a quick errand to run with the girls and will be back to pick her up. The only problem? I was 26 minutes late!!!

Good thing she wasn't too mad at me though, because as if this day hadn't taught me enough, I informed her we were on our way to pick up the new dog that daddy just got!

And then, they all slept peacefully!

Not to self: Never ever again will I question Murphy and her Law!

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