Friday, October 28, 2011

The Great M&M caper

Who knew?!

Those sweet cherub cheeks, the tiny hands, the baby giggles.  it was all a plot, a ploy.  Look cute get m&m's.  Oh my what on earth have I done?!

I am a professed chocoholic, and I admit my two lil girls do like their chocolate.  Even the dark kind, but I didn't realize I was turning them out so young!  Maybe the two bribery  bedtime M&M's had a hand in it?

 Either which way, I was at walmart with the Kbean and had her sitting in the cart for a quick whiz through the store.  I only had about 5 items on my list.  One of them the above mentioned bribery tool.  I threw a bag of them in the cart with her and went on my way.

Only a few minutes later as I am strolling about I hear this tiny, doink. Ding,, ping, fwoosh....   I look down, I look back, and there was a trail of beautiful fall M&M's following me. 

Dont mind the flash, I think people thought I was a crazy lady taking pictures of her M&M trail!

Eyes forward, into card and there is that cherub cheeks.holding her precious M&M's, and in that bag, there were not one hole I discovered, but about three.

Lesson to be learned.  Never underestimate the power of a teething, chocolate loving baby/toddler!

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  1. I'm so impressed with her quick work. She looks so sweet in that picture. I have also created chocolate monsters. :)


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