Thursday, October 20, 2011

New take on an old pumpkin ~ 5 minute DIY

Ok so not exactly 5 minutes, but close. Maybe 15 minus the drying time.

So I have not been a spray painter like a lot of the ladies out there. But they come up with such UHmazing stuff I had to give it a try.

I just don't know if I'm cut out for their talent, because I can't seem to figure out the stuff. I can't see how it is cheaper? Man that stuff is expensive, even with a discount. And when you spray it, it goes all over, not just one concentrated spot.

That being said, these turned out pretty darn neat don't you think?

I have a very formal looking living room and wanted a little more of a professional touch. I opted for the stone look on my pumpkins. Liked it, but not LOOOVEd it. Then I realized what they needed. Just a lil bit of this ribbon.

See pretty isn't it?

Ps Like the Spooky Blocks? (I got those from one of the bloggers I met at that blogger party I attended. Her etsy shop is here (you can get her blog from here too))

The little neighbor boys even came in and commented how pretty they thought they looked.

So here goes: You better sit down, this is a hard one.

Purchase spray paint you want to use, I actually preferred the Rust-Olium, whereas I see a lot of bloggers usin the Krylon.

Gather a few cheapo pumpkins, most of these were either a dollar or under.

Here were a few I didn't paint...

Spray away. I needed two coats, or more like tries, because I have no clue how you can spray a whole item and get it all in one shot. Can you? Do enlighten me if you can!

Let dry.

Add a few festive pretty ribbons.

Arrange in a festive way and there you have easy, inexpensive, pretty home decor, done by none other that wonderful marvelous you! Or in this :)


  1. Those turned out adorable! I think the ribbon really finished them off. I tried spay painting a small book shelf a while back. I thought it would be easy--it was NOT! I gave up. But I see other people do stuff like that all the time--hmmm.

    Oh, and I love the blocks. :)

  2. I know right? I have done a few spray painting things and I must be slow, cuz the DIYers are doing it all the time, and mine never turn out like theirs! LOL
    Yeah I am so glad I got the blocks, thanks! I am in looove, haha it doesn't take much does it?!


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