Sunday, October 9, 2011 catch a break?

Ever have one of those weeks you would have just been better off sleeping through the whole thing? I think that may have been this one for me.

Speaking of sleeping, I gotta say, I did feel a tinge of guilt when my lil one decided hubby was the person of choice at the peak hours of 12-4. Ok a tinge, but I also felt a tinge of satisfaction that it wasn't me!

Ha, you know what I am talking about. It is mommy this, and mommy that...and finally, those sweeeet words. Dada.

And it wasn't only those little words, otherwise he would have convinced me to stay up with her. When I went to take her at that prime hour, she stiffened her legs, arched her back and screamed for 10 whole minutes as if I was pinching her, (really I wasn't!)so hard in fact that he came back out and got her.

I did feel sorry for him tho...while thinking about it in my heated bed.

So we got on with our week which continued to consume me this way and that. As much as my kitchen consumed me. Instead of being able to eat in it, i think it just might eat me! I mean I can't find the ceiling or floor in it!

As the week progresses the Kbean got fussier and fussier. Then the real mommy guilt hit, when of course after office hours have closed and it is officially the weekend woo hoo, my poor lil girl was walking around and blood started pouring out of her ear! Hmmmm that just MIGHT explain the fussiness for the past week!? Ya think?

So off we went to Kids Care and discovered that I in fact was one of the LUCKY few who even though their baby has ear tubes, they didn't really help. We STILL needed oral meds. The poor lil thing had a REALLY REALLY bad ear infection coupled with a sinus infection.

Then we get to the only open Walgreen's in Draper (a small drive from my place) and they inform me they never got the call for the perscription. So we had to walk around and deal with all that for a good hour, in which KK was fascinated with balloons, and won the hearts of all the in and outgoing patrons. She also fell in love with a Pilwo like her sisters, a mini pillow pet. She chose BEAR! Here she is lovin on him.

Man this kid just can't seem to catch a break, and after long hard thought, she has decided that she is DONE with medicine. For many months she took meds like a dream. Opening and sucking it down each time. Well not this time! No sir re. She is going to fight it as if it were the bad guy. And each time she wears just a little more of that white stuff. SIGH.

So tomorrow starts another day, another week. Please tell me it can't get any worse than than last?

I hope to have a few DIY to do projects for you, maybe they will help?
A Halloween decoration or two and a reorganizing my bathroom closet. Fun?!


  1. You're a strong Momma, and it will get easier!!!

  2. Poor thing. I hope she's doing better now. You're a strong mom.


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