Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ever wonder how libraries stay afloat?

I mean have you seen our local library?

BEAUTIFUL front yard, cushy sitting spots for the teens and kiddos. TONS of movies to pick out and not rent, just to borrow! It is wonderful. colors, comfort, programs for the kids and the list goes on.

But have you ever stopped and wondered how on earth they can do it when nothing they do is for money?

Well I'll tell you. It is people like me. I could personally fund a year of new advancements to the library with all my fines!

Yep the good news is we check out books all the time. My family is a bookworm family. Right down to the last tot, the 19 month old even loves her books. So at any given time we have around 30 books in our house.

As I try to keep them in one spot, they seemingly try to take them any place but their one spot. Therefore I am always short a book or two. But I wish I could say that was my only excuse!

The problem with this picture? I have NO intention of renewing them or turning them in on time. Ok so I do HAVE the intention, I just never remember. The reminder emails always seem to come when I am not around a computer to renew or around the books to pack up and return. I forget and forget, and then at some point I am back to owing the library around 15$ (at its lowest!)

So the next time you go to check out a book, especially a mommy one or children's one, you can look at it, and if it is from the Sandy UT library, you can wonder if maybe just maybe my family "donated" it.

Note to self, maybe now after hitting the post button I better go renew this weeks overdue books!


  1. Lol! I've stopped the library entirely and it is a relief, though I still have one book to return and I need to get my book club book. On second thought, maybe I'll just buy the book on Amazon.

    I don't remember if I knew you lived in Sandy. I'm in South Jordan. :)

  2. that is awesome! I actually lived there, by the mall, right under the sign that said south jodrdan last year when we moved here! where abouts are you?


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