Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never tell a child their prayers won't come true!

Rule #354 in raising a princess:
Don't tell her that her prayer is ju
st a little out there to come true...

Ok so on this one you might need a little background.

It all started a few weeks ago. #1 ( as my husband lovingly has dubbed our children their birth order) ended up getting bronchitis. Not a big deal in itself. But #2 developed a cough. Again, nothing too serious though. So last week we headed out on a trip back to WI for hubby's class reunion. We left the oldest two home with a friend.

Friday night I get a call from her that made me feel like the worst mommy in the world. My sweet lil angel (#2)had just thrown up all over her husband! I ached to be there for her. But went on with the evening. That worst mommy moment lasted until I got another call the next afternoon. They were taking her to Urgent Care...ended up she had pneumonia. Great. Now I am not there in a serious time of need.

So, it keeps getting better. Saturday night after we got home at 1am, as if on cue, the sweet #3 started throwing up and well the other end, all over. For the next 7 hours I stayed up with her taking care of the poor lil thing. She seemed fine until we were about to leave for the plane back home, and it all started again.

The airlines were so accommodating that it would have cost us over 1600$ to change tickets WITH a doctors note!

Anyhow, Monday I got to be the lucky contestant...getting sick with the flu. I kept telling the girls not to come by me, I didn't' want them to get this. But my sweet compassionate lil #1 insisted.

And then Tuesday evening she became the "lucky" one. Somewhere between the toilet, and 3am she started praying;

"Dear God, I would really really like it if you could cancel the circus parade, so it's fair ya know"

*Footnote, the poor lil girl was supposed to go see the Circus parade and play in the fountains at the Gateway mall for a class field trip For those of you who don't know it, it is VERY cool.

Anyhow, she has been looking forward to this for over a month!

Upon hearing her prayer, I felt it the mommy necessity to inform her that those kind of prayers just might not be answered. That they aren't really possible for something so set, so big, to just change because she prayed for it.

Fast forward past a bunch of crying the next morning (after 3 hours puke free) that she was good enough to go and to "PLEASE PLEASE let me". Broke my darn (wow that looks like another word, it is DARN :)) heart. But she did realize she wasn't well when she couldn't even make the whole trip home from dropping her sister off. She was SO sad that there was no way out of this!

Then about 10 minutes before they were to leave my girlfriend called and said she talked to someone who said there was no parade. I couldn't believe it, so she got on the phone with the mall and then the circus themselves! NOPE there was to be NO parade. There was never one scheduled. Everyone had just assumed there was, since for years before there always was one.

I could NOT believe my EARS. Did her prayer REALLY just come true? I mean I know on one hand, there never was a parade. But we had NO clue about that. So yes in fact her prayers were answered. You should have seen the smile on her little face when I told her!

So my advice to you. NEVER ever tell a child their dreams, their prayers, are too crazy or big. They just might surprise you!

As I say so like a child!


  1. As innocent as they are, kids are really big dreamers. The best thing for us parents to do is to show them we support and have faith on them.

  2. If you haven't read lately you should check out my daughters newest dream, she is amazing~~~


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